Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ep 11 - Song 1: "Wake You in the Morning" by Ira Grace and The Bible Belt Prophets

"I love things that are just simply arranged. Two guitars, two voices, and when those harmonies come in, ya just kind of melt."
- from Bryon Dudley for this podcast

"In October of 2011, a band sprung from the cornfields and back roads of a small Iowa town. Ira Grace and the Bible Belt Prophets (consisting of Marc Bailey and Sara Williams) were formed. An up and coming acoustic duo, Ira Grace & the BBP is a band born of friendship and a mutual love of creating music. Having known each other since their early teens, Marc and Sara had no idea that by their twenties, they would be booking over 60 gigs and cutting an album in less than a year. From bars, to the Iowa State Fair, and eventually to their CD release at the Gaslamp in June of 2012, Marc and Sara feverishly sought out to make new music and share it with whoever would listen. Their soul-filled harmonies, poignant lyrics, and exquisite yet powerful balance of guitar picking is the foundation on which Marc and Sara deliver their original music. The on-stage energy created between them while performing is comfortable and contagious. From dark back alley bars, festivals, fairs, and private parties, Marc and Sara remain busy sharing their love of music in its most raw form."
- from their Facebook page

Sara Williams- guitar/vocals
Marc Bailey- guitar/vocals




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