Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ep 12 - Song 6: "Drunk Song" by Rachel Feldmann and Trevor Treiber

"I've been close friends with Kate and Luke since we were in a band together in 8th grade. Then we all met Rachel during our sophomore year of high school and our minds were blown. Even though it's been 10 years, I still remember the first time I heard Rachel play very vividly. It was at this thing called Jamnesty (a sort of high school talent show for bands & musicians). I went to it having low expectations as usual. Up until that point, I hadn't met anybody at my high school besides Kate and Luke that had the same attitude towards music as I did. But after I heard Rachel play, my world was instantly turned upside down. In all honesty, the band she played in wasn't really my thing. They were sort of a grungy 3 piece with the other two members being very average as far as high school musicians go. But Rachel out shined them and everybody else at that show by a long shot. I didn't know such a strong vocal delivery was capable of coming out of somebody that small. It was incredible how much passion and confidence she played and sang with even at that age. I remember thinking to myself "Fuck, we better make friends with her now before some other douchey band takes her away forever." So we did!

"Rachel is somebody who takes absolutely no shit from anybody. She has a drive that is unmatched. It was clear to me even back then that she knew exactly what she wanted to do and wasn't gonna let anything stand in her way. I'm convinced that she could have pursued any style of music and she would have been met with great success. It's just a shame that she chose the stinky poor life of a punk rocker. JK JK!

"It goes without saying that her songwriting is not something to be fucked with. It's kind of funny because I don't even really like modern pop punk these days, but every time I hear one of her new songs, it instantly restores my faith in the genre. It's a good thing that we grew up together and were close friends, otherwise I would have turned into a super obsessive Lipstick Homicide fan that followed them around to every show screaming their lyrics back at them on stage and slobbering and shitting all over myself. Actually, that life doesn't really sound too bad."
- Trevor Treiber of The Blendours for this podcast

Rachel Feldmann - vocals, guitar
Trevor Treiber - guitar, vocals

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