Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ep 12 - Song 8: "Suck My Nuts" by Everybody Nose

“Everybody Nose is a band that is me, Trevor who used to play guitar in Lipstick Homicide, Luke who is in Lipstick Homicide, and our friend Molly who has been my good friend since elementary school. Luke and Trevor and sometimes me and sometimes Kate were a band called The Sequels several years ago and we’d just play at talent shows and maybe at UAY (United Action for Youth in Iowa City) once or twice. Just recently (June 2010) we wanted to start playing some old sequels songs as well as some other songs that me and Trevor wrote together. We just recorded last week and posted them on the internet. The purpose of the band is for our own fun. Most of our songs are about silly things.”
- Rachel Feldmann from Free Music

Trevor Treiber - Vox/Guitar
Rachel Feldmann - Vox/Guitar
Molly Enochson - Bass
Luke Ferguson - Drums



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