Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ep 12 - Song 7: "Empty Gun" by Petit Mal

"Grace Locke Ward and Chris Ford formed Petit Mal in 2004 in Iowa City, Iowa. As a four-piece, which includes Rachel Feldmann on bass and vocals and Adam Havlin on drums and vocals, the band cites influences ranging from stoner metal icons The Melvins to fabulous Jewish Elvis himself Neil Diamond. This gamut produces a sound purely Petit Mal - anchoring compelling melodies to gigantic unyielding riffs for heavy poppy rock revelry."
- from their page

'Petit Mal’s latest, Bless Your Little Heart, is a collection of 10 scrappy tunes following in the footsteps of fellow Iowa alt-rockers House of Large Sizes. The saccharine sweetness of the album’s title is almost nowhere to be found. If you want Care Bears and greeting cards, you best look elsewhere. If you like your alt-rock served with a heaping helping of snarls, “yeah”s, and “hey”s, well then, bless your little heart."
- John Schlotfelt for "Little Village" magazine


Grace Locke Ward - guitars and vocals
Chris Ford - guitars, bass, and vocals
Rachel Feldmann - bass, guitars, and vocals
Adam Havlin - drums, guitars, and vocals



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