Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ep 12 - Song 4: "What's Expected of You" by Kate Kane

"I met Kate in junior high. I feel like she was the first actual punk rocker that I knew in real life. Even at the age of 13 when everybody was trying to act cool and get people to like them, Kate's only concern was being herself and having her own identity. Sometimes this meant freaking people out by eating moldy chips off the floor during class or dying her hair half white and half black like Cruella Deville. It was so refreshing to meet a person that unique and carefree who wasn't even trying to be. That's just who she was!

"I remember Kate being the first one of all of us to write truly well crafted pop songs. The structure and chord changes of her songs were unbelievably hard for me to wrap my head around. I remember hanging out with her at a friend's house when she played me what I was convinced was a Beatles song, but actually turned out to be an original called 'What's Expected of You' that ended up on the Lipstick Homicide album 'Isn't It Glorious'

"She's always been one of the most positive people I know, and always brings out the best in me and anyone she meets."
- Trevor Treiber of The Blendours for this podcast

Kate Kane - guitars, vocals



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