Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ep 1 - Song 7: "Iowa" by Joseph David Soukop

Joseph Soukop is known to Iowa and Ames music scene as a drummer, but he probably thinks of himself more as a poet that drums than a drummer that writes poetry.

"It is also interesting to note that when he got his diploma he immediately burnt it so he does not have a university diploma."
Dr. N - Doctor Notes

"He has just returned from travelling around Europe, sleeping on the streets. He indicates he was robbed and had "some problems" and returned back to Iowa. He is currently sleeping on a couch of a friend. No cell phone."
Dr. N - Doctor Notes

"...for Jim's Real Life Superhero Recognition...this round goes to josephdavidsoukup for general risk-taking and realness in artistry."
Jim Coppoc - Jimmy Awards

"He's a constant innovator, seeker, and word bender. He wills everything he has into his performance and his life, sometimes barely able to stand after."
Jay Parry - Ames Poetry Revival

"...decided to replace the farm life he had known his whole life for a life of anarchy and corybantic homelessness."
"The sum total is pretty overwhelming and really captures (his) free spirit and unstoppable art-making."
Nate Logsdon - The Ames Tribune

Photo: David Derong/Iowa State Daily

Vocals - Joseph David Soukop
Background vocals - TV


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