Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ep 1 - Song 1: "I O W A" by Demigod

Don't know much about this band. A friend gave me a couple of their tracks. They're from Des Moines.

UPDATE Feb 18, 2017

The Des Moines Register had a recent article by Mike Kilen on Mr Randy Kong, providing a lot more information on this mystery man -

"Randy Kong is the Des Moines skywalk musician with the booming voice, rattling the glass windows with cover tunes such as the Monkee’s “Daydream Believer.” He has long black hair and wide-set eyes. Many assume he’s a homeless Native American. He’s not.

"Kong is a 61-year-old bachelor who got some songs and a tattoo out of broken engagements and instead spent his years working by day and playing rock music at night. The half Chinese, half Hispanic guitar player just loved playing music...

“'He used to be in these crazy shock metal bands, and clubs wouldn’t let him play because it was too vulgar. Now, he’s in the skywalk doing John Denver covers,' said (Kasey) McCurdy, who finally came to know him a year ago...

"'I’ve learned so many lessons about life from him. Being kind to people. Being content,' McCurdy said. 'My entire life, so many people around me are chasing a career path, and they get there and are no happier. Here’s Randy. Is he world famous? No. He just wants to play music.'...

"'I’m going to do this until I die,' he said. 'If I have to play with a machine hooked up to me.'"

End update

Randy Kong
Steve Morrow


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