Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ep 17 - Song 6: "Fuck Joe Lawler" by $trick9 / Song 7: "Joe vs $trick9" by Joe Lawler

"My feud with $trick9. Early on in Juice I wrote a profile on the faux conservative rapper and things got meta when Nick Strickland's rap persona created a very NSFW diss track defending his right-wing credentials. If your Google-fu is strong you might find a video of me rapping my response. We've become friends, but since I have the last word: Nick Strickland sucks."
- from "Joe Lawler's 12 favorite music moments with Juice"

"It seems my hot rhymes have finally ended Joe Lawler's career. I always knew they would. I'm just surprised it took seven years."
- from $trick9 for this podcast/blog

Band Members - Nine, Duke, Justin, Jamie and Joe


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