Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ep 34 - Song 2: "Black Angel" by Kate Kane

Kate Kane is an extremely difficult person to google and get info on, because she shares the same name as a lot of people, as well as a superhero and supernatural private eye.

But fortunately, I know her, so I can tell you this, she's been a singer, guitarist, and songwriter with the band Lipstick Homicide. Now has her own band, Starry Nights. And plays drums for Maiden Mars. And is constantly playing with other artists!

She also hosted and organized Open Mic Night at The Yacht Club in Iowa City. And is or was (?) president of Bloated Kat Records. Works for Sparkletart Records. Books for Trumpet Blossom Cafe. And has started Kate Kane Enterprises to put together live music shows!

And she still manages to put out some solo material from time to time!

Kate Kane - vocals, guitars



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