Monday, January 19, 2015

Ep 2 - Song 1: "The Nihilist" by Dylan Boyle

The first member of my "Board of Trustees" is Dylan Boyle. Dylan has been part of the central Iowa music scene for a few years now. I first met through Lavonne McRoberts and her band Peace, Love, and Stuff, for which plays guitar. Since then, we come to be friends. And when I was working on a Christmas album (that didn't pan out) and this podcast, he was a strong supporter and gung ho on both ideas!

"Music and the need to play guitar became an important part of Dylan Boyle's life after hearing Led Zeppelin in 7th grade. Although deaf in one ear from an early age, the technicality, soul and emotion of early blues rock drove him to pick up an instrument and delve into the mastery of guitar players from Jimi Hendrix to Steve Vai, and most importantly, Iron Maiden.

"While playing guitar in Burlington High School's jazz ensemble, Boyle fell in love with the simplicity and feel of Chicago blues players, leading him to further examine recordings of early blues guitar players and eventually learn to play slide guitar from an obsession with Rory Gallagher.

"When given a chance to play a few songs live with Burlington folk artist Bob Saar, and after seeing Radoslav Lorkovic and Dave Zollo at The Blue Shop - owned by David Hazell, brother to Patrick Hazell of Mother Blues Band fame - Boyle gained an appreciation for Eastern Iowa folk and blues artists and the Hacklebarney sound.'"
- From Dylan's Facebook page

Dylan Boyle - guitars/vocals

Photo by Lucas Moser of Aim for Saturn Photography, and a member of the Iowa Concert Photographers collective, from The Space for Ames 13-hour 5th anniversary show in February of 2013 while performing with Risky Revival.




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