Monday, January 19, 2015

Ep 2 - Song 3: "Hey, Away We Go to Spain" by Strong Like Bear

The third member of my "Board of Trustees" is Bryon Dudley. Bryon is well known in the Ames and Central Iowa music scenes. He started and runs Nova Labs Records for one thing! Also started and runs The Spacement Recording Studio! Writes for the Rid of Me music blog! Is married to the lovely Rachel Dudley!

And top of all that is one of the nicest and sweetest guys you could know.

Oh yeah, he also is in numerous bands! And Strong Like Bear is certainly the one closest to his heart.

"Strong Like Bear is a song-focused band from Ames, Iowa that has played music since 2006. Percussionist Rachel 'Rat' Dudley & bassist Greg Bruna provide grooves and beats to the sweet-yet-edgy and melodic songs. SLB's vocal harmonies have earned them acclaim from fans and clubs alike. They released their first EP, "Seekiing Ghosts," in 2010. SLB has played at the Des Moines Social Club, Cafe Diem, The Ritual Cafe, Headliner's, DG's Taphouse, The Maintenance Shop, Ames Progressive, The Surf Ballroom, Thumbs, the Ames Public Library, Cafe Milo, Stomping Grounds, several Iowa State University functions/benefits, frequent Member's Appreciation Days at Wheatsfield Co-Op, Prarie Moon, and the Unity Unplugged benefit in Marshalltown. They have been featured on Scented Vinyl, KCCQ's "The Garage," the Insider Iowa sessions, and many others."
- From their Facebook page

guitarist/vocalist - Bryon Dudley
percussionist/vocalist - Rachel Dudley
guitarist/vocalist - Jordan Mull
bassist - Greg Bruna
percussionist - Dave Atchison



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