Monday, January 19, 2015

Ep 2 - Song 2: "Bruise (live)" by The Spartan Blue

Jen Allen is the second member of my "Board of Trustees". She is spunky gal is quickly becoming my second favorite short person. (My 4 foot 11 1/2 inches daughter is, of course, #1!) But Jen always has a kind word, a suggestion, and encouragement when I consult with my board!

Jen Allen is probably best know for her now defunct band, Hath No Fury, but her new band The Spartan Blue is starting to get a buzz. The song used here is from their upcoming album and was recorded live at The Vaudeville Mews by Chad Taylor of the Band Bombshell website and the Des Moines weekly Cityview.

"We're just a little indie rock band, but we're hoping to be some of the glue that helps hold your disintegrating world together. A little something to remind you of what you want, and what you don't want, and who you want to be. A little something to awaken the ache in you that lets you know you're alive, and breathing, and that YOU matter, and what you DO matters...

The Spartan Blue speaks of those quiet, still moments when life is crashing all around you. Take what you need, get rid of what you don't.

Jen Allen writes the bones of our songs, playing guitar and writing the lyrics. They are raw, bare pieces of honesty, faults, determination, love, and absolute heartbreak. She is joined by Jay Corigliano, whose diverse experience makes him a powerful addition on the drums as well as vocal harmonies, adding a unique flavor to this indie rock experience."
- from their Facebook page

Jen Allen - Vox/Guitar
Jay Corigliano - Drums/Vox/Mumbling
Jim Corigliano - Bass/Vox/Awesome


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