Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ep 34 - Song 5: ""Break Beat" by Angle, plus Angle's Halloween playlist on SoundCloud

"I have a vision for every project I do and I follow it through to the very end. I've been rapping since I was in the 6th grade, before social norms and stereotypes had a chance to latch on. I've been recording and doing shows since 1998, when I was at the University of Iowa. I've released 3 solo albums, a group effort, and been featured on numerous other projects (check discography). Real life has dealt blow after blow after sucker punch to my creative endeavors as an emcee trying to get my truth out to as many folks I can. I'm not a starving artist because I believe in self preservation, but I'm still very hungry. Throughout my treks I've had the laziest street team ever, but still love you people. Before I legally murder my stage name, I have much work to do. I have a timeline of various pockets of memories between large gaps of memory by post-it notes and 3x5 notecards."
- from his ReverbNation page

Me (Angleoneous Maximoneous)
Myself (Lil' Different)
and I (White Andy)




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