Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ep 34 - Song 6: "Death after Death" by The Law

"The Law were an early punk band from Des Moines, Iowa founded in the early 1980s. Members went on play in Scuffy the Cat and the Fastbacks...

"Tim Johnson and Charlie Chesterman were in a 50s cover band know as the Flashbacks that didn't really go anywhere. They discovered this "new" British music called punk and decided to form a punk band. After going through a few member changes and a few name changes they became White Lunch. (Tim Johnson-Guitar/vocals, Charlie Chesterman-Guitar/vocals, Aaron Johnson-guitar/vocals, Eric Coleman - Drums) Played out a bit had member problems and broke up. Then became the Law. From what little information I could find this was around 79/80.

"They put out a single and moved to Boston to hit the big time. Boston didn't work out and they moved back to Des Moines and split up shortly after that. Charlie Chesterman and Mac Stanfield went back to Boston and formed Scuffy the Cat. Tad Hutchinson headed off to college and on to play with the Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows and a number of other Seattle bands."
- from the entry for The Law in The Underground Archives

Tim Johnson - Guitar/vocals
Charlie Chesterman - Guitar/vocals
Mac Stanfield - bassist
Tad Hutchinson - Drums
Kevin Hensley - Organ, sax

Underground Archives entry on The Law:

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