Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ep 34 - Song 4: "Polka Dots" by Peace, Love, and Stuff

"Listening to Peace, Love And Stuff makes me want to chug a big glass of ice tea, and jump around all crazy like. They have a fantastic, rustic sound that makes it impossible to resist tapping your toe. Their tunes will make you smile."
— Benny Black, New Rock 105.1, Iowa Unsigned

"Peace, Love and Stuff is a Vintage Rock band drawing inspiration from Blues and Rockabilly from Des Moines, Iowa founded by Lavonne McRoberts in 2009."
- from their page

"Blues/punk tunes from the greatest town in the world."
- from their Twitter page

josephdavidsoukup - drums
Dylan Boyle - guitar
Lavonne McRoberts - vocals
Stephen Fisk - bass
Kevin Muehlenthaler - trumpet



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