Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ep 17 - Song 4: "Pain" by La Strange

"The La Strange hatchet video. In 2011 I was doing a video interview with Brenton Dean of La Strange (now of Holy White Hounds) and midway through he pulled out a hatchet. Then we went into his yard and he spent way too long trying to throw that hatchet into a tree."
- from "Joe Lawler's 12 favorite music moments with Juice"

"La Strange was my solo project for a while. I made some demos in my basement using an 8 track recorder and a single microphone for the drums, guitar and vocal and just released them in an EP.

"One day Joe Lawler came over to interview the band and that day we became friends. I was aware of who Joe was because I had read so many of his articles in juice and he had interview so many bands i admired. By the time Joe got to my place (pretty early in the day as you can probably tell by the video) I had been drinking and hanging out with my drummer, Steven, for a while.

"When Joe got there I told him 'You know, you interview so many bands, I bet YOU have some shit to say.'  I busted out a camera and interview him back and we threw back some drinks. We had a great time.

"Joe is such a fun guy to be around because he is down for anything and you never feel judged when you're around him. Every band loves to be interview by Joe because he is comforting to be around. You never feel like you're on the chopping block when he's interviewing you.

"I was so flattered that he remembered that interview in his article hi-lighting his favorite moments from juice, because it also meant a lot to me. Joe is one of the most supportive and classy motherfuckers I have every met in my life."
- from Brenton Dean for this podcast/blog

Brenton Dean - vocals, instruments



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