Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ep 17 - Song 5: "Anthem" by The Maytags (Brian Campos's dedication)

Brian Campos is the host of the Pants Off podcast and occasional fill-in co-host of the Critical Mass radio show on KFMG.

"Joe has always been very kind to me. While, he is a mostly reserved guy, he also has a very witty and funny side when he let's it come out. I've never heard him say anything bad about anyone. His unbiased and good natured reporting will be missed in Des Moines' music journalism."
- from Brian Campos for this podcast/blog

"The Des Moines music scene is a beast and is growing exponentially every day. The groundwork that has been done over the last decade is critical in securing our scene's future. Joe Lawler has made a huge foot print on that. Thanks Joe."
- from Dustin Smith of The Maytags for this podcast/blog

Roland Hart - Horns Arrangements
Dustin Smith - Lead Vox, Guitar
Nick Leo - Keys, Vox
Ben Mars - Bass, Vox
Sam Mogerman - Drums, Vox
Tim Sanders - Sax, Vox
Andy Poppen - Trumpet, Vox

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