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Ep 19 - Song 1; "The Monster" by Soul Phlegm

"Soul Phlegm is currently making a name for themselves in Iowa and the greater Midwest with their original material: a dynamic fusion of blues, soul, funk & rock n roll. Melodic, lyrical, intricate, raw & heavy. Sometimes called Blues Roots Outlaw Funk, it’s music sure to move you.

"Fusing a contemporary sound of blues, soul, folk & rock n’ roll, Soul Phlegm oozes through the fuses & out through your front door. Hailing from the California coast, the Arizona high desert, the Chicago jungle & the Indiana plains respectively, Joseph Michael Ewart, Kyle Talon Ballard, Timothy Eugene Hunziker and Robert Scott Abrams compose the group & all were introduced to music in diverse fashions but draw deep equally from their influences of soulful instrumentation, weird humor, passionate lyricisms & mischievous sounds. A likely combination of musicians in unlikely circumstances / a series of multiple bands gone awry & estranged / a life changing road trip / engineering philanthropy through mystery. Soul Phlegm is the fruit of the fight. The wind whispering: Why? A ghost of the past & a phantom from the phuture."
- from their home page

Kyle Talon Ballard
Robert Scott Abrams
Joseph Ewart
Timmy H-Livinalie

Home page:



Ep 19 - Song 2: "Monster" by Austin Taft

"Austin Taft is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Waterloo, IA. His new full-length acoustic album, 'The Human Condition', has been released by the independent label Triple Edge Records and joins his previous full-length electric release, 'War of the Songs of Light Against the Songs of Darkness' and two additional releases to weave a consistent tapestry of eclectic music that has no filler and takes no prisoners. Acclaimed as 'one of the best musicians in the state' by Des Moines Cityview Magazine, all studio recordings are entirely self-composed, self-produced and self-performed, and his music is currently available through Bandcamp, iTunes,, Google Play and other online retailers."
- from his home page

Austin Taft - vocals, all instruments

Home page:



Ep 19 - Song 3: "Space Demon Theme" by Mr Nasti

"Dear Stranger,

"I’m writing to tell you about my friend Nicholas, sometimes known as MR NASTI... you may see pictures around of him making weird faces, or a music video of him pouring out his tender heart, etc...

"In a time when “hating” is an intransitive verb many people might as well list among their hobbies online, a MR NASTI show can seem almost alien in its sincerity. I’m writing to tell you this is not an affectation put on to sell you something. MR NASTI has been around just a few years now, but in a way, Nicholas has been preparing for it... his whole life.

"Besides studying music at Missouri State and getting an audio science degree in Florida at Full Sail, Nicholas (born Nicholas Sebastian Naioti) has been in a ton of bands. Some were goofy, some were noisy, and one or two you might call twee. For awhile after he moved to Nashville he wore quite a bit of face-paint on stage, and got on national television a couple times doing it, too. And that’s to say nothing of the DIY music venue he also ran for years when he wasn’t on tour...

"(He) (if you happen to slip off your dancing shoes and ponder the lyrics) daily renews a considered choice to believe in humanity. What’s not to like?"
- Daniel Potter from Mr Nasti's home page

Home page:



Ep 19 - Song 4: "Vampire Club" by Lipstick Homicide

Hair is flying everywhere over what I thought were two high school girls. A young guy behind them making faces that would look like extreme pain if he wasn’t smiling.

Despite the hair all over her face, the blonde is shredding wildly on her guitar, adding nice high harmonies that play well with the lead singer’s deeper voice. Short, exciting solos sporadically shooting out of those blinding fast hands!

Catchy, thumping basslines come from an instrument that almost looks too big for the short brunette. With a sometimes painful expression, she sings using a ferocity and energy that shouldn’t come from someone that small.

Meanwhile behind them, the thin young guy is pounding out a strong punk beat, despite the fact that his goofy smiles are the only thing letting you know he’s not having an epileptic fit.

This was my first impression of Lipstick Homicide two or three years ago at The Space’s anniversary show in Ames. It was a short 20 minute set, but I was blown away and hooked! I found out I could fall in love with a lesbian couple and straight guy!

And in the years since, I’ve seen them multiple times, including at my 50th birthday party! And the band’s live show has just become tighter and stronger. I think they are best thing coming out of Iowa! So if you enjoy fun, catchy pop tunes done in a hard, punk style, this is a band not to - be missed!
- from Dan Wren on the Des Moines Music Coalition website

Rachel Feldmann - bass, vox
Kate Kane - guitar, vox
Luke Ferguson - drums

Home page:



Ep 19 - Song 5: "Zombies!" by Peace, Love, and Stuff

"Peace, Love and Stuff is a Vintage Rock band drawing inspiration from Blues and Rockabilly from Des Moines, Iowa founded by Lavonne McRoberts in 2009.

"Recently, Peace, Love, and Stuff has opened up for "The Queen of Rockabilly," Ms.Wanda Jackson, and have been playing at festivals, venues, and clubs all over central Iowa and the Midwest.

"Peace, Love, and Stuff will be releasing their Self-Entitled E.P. recorded at The Sonic Factory with John Locker and Matt Sepanic via Ray Gun Records available at

"Peace, Love and Stuff is presented to you, about you and for you."
- from their ReverbNation page

Joseph "JoJo" Soukop - drums
Dylan Boyle - guitar & bass
Lavonne McRoberts - vocals
Kevin Muehlenthaler - trumpet

Home page:



Ep 19 - Song 6: "Dracula's Casket" by The Poison Control Center

"The band's indie rock sound is strongly influenced by bands of the 1960s, such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys, but they have also touched upon more unrelated genres since their inception. Their earlier recordings show influence of the lo-fi sound and pop sensibilities of indie rock bands of the 1990s, such as Guided by Voices and Pavement, although recent albums have featured more polished production."
- from Wikipedia

"The Poison Control Center have long been considered one of Iowa's personal favorite local bands. The creation of Patrick Tape Fleming and many of his friends, the band's inspiration has stood as one of Iowa's music scene's key ideals: community and friendship. Though the numbers and band members have changed throughout the years, the band has continued to release music in a more condensed version, having most recently released 2011's Stranger Ballet. The band is best known nowadays to consist of Patrick Tape Fleming on guitar and vocals as well as Devin Frank, who also plays guitar and sings, Joe Terry, who plays bass and sings (and does a cool thing with a trumpet and some swingin' hips), and Dave Olson, who plays drums (... and he sings, too). Though some of the members have moved away, the band still likes to get together to entertain the masses, doing cartwheels, standing on their heads while shredding through guitar solos, dancing in the crowd, and leading many a sing-a-long with the crowd (basically, putting on legendary rock shows). The PCC have spawned many other great bands around Iowa INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Mantis Pincers, Gloom Balloon, and Histo (technically, not an Iowa band, but we still have love for Don). The PCC have also had special guests perform with them, such as Bob Nastanovich of Pavement, and Paul Shaffer from Late Night with David Letterman."
- from the Des Moines Music Coalition website

Patrick Tape Fleming
Devin Frank
Joey Terry
David Olson
Donald Curtis
Nicole Furek - whispers

Home page:



Ep 19 - Song 7: "No Escape" by Every Days Rain

"My name is Timothy James Davis,

"I have been in the music world since I was a little boy. Starting out with my influences, my mother won awards for her voice in high school, my uncle has played in bands for over thirty years as lead guitarist, bassist, and back up singer. My father plays tenor sax and has a hidden voice that I occasionally call him out on. My favorite bands growing up are AC/DC, Staind, Three Days Grace, 3 Doors Down, Foofighters, Korn, Creed and a few others. I was born in Germany as an army bratt then moved to the states while I was 5. Spent 6 years homeless, 2 years of military and a lot of events took place as well that would take forever to type out. Leading to this current point in my life I am an Indy artist that currently has a album out with Tate Music Group out of Mustang, Oklahoma titled Brown Coat.

"My artist name is Every Day's Rain. I am pretty much at the point where I am ready to record my next album but I would love to explore my options. From my musical influences I have picked up several talents in music and art. As far as the instruments I play; Drums, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and I would like to consider myself a decent vocalist. I look forward to making my mark in the music industry and hope to be heard by the thousands maybe even millions before I am age 35, currently 27. I appreciate every bit of time any of you take to read about me or listen to the music I have top offer. Hope you enjoy what we have to say. By recently expanding into a band including a good friend and awesome artist Honovi Simpkins, we look forward to your support and feedback.

"Sincerely, EDR..."
- from the Facebook page

Timothy Davis - vocals, all instruments

Home page:



Ep 19 - Song 8: "Dissection Torture" by Neutral Red

"Neutral Red is midwest metal, pure and simple.

"With all the finesse of a blood-soaked jackhammer, Neutral Red castigates the listener into a pulp and then leaves the remains for the jackals to fight over. While many bands out there are busy worrying if their hair has just the perfect swooshy thing going on, NR are busy destroying their instruments and bodies for the crowd's entertainment in an effort to fuel the pit to a frothing frenzy."
- from their Facebook page

Ray - Vokills
Xris - Guitar
Don - Guitar
Brent - Bass
III - Drums


Friday, October 23, 2015

"Iowa Music Showcase theme (Halloween edition)" by Ross Kendall

"After graduating from college in 1977 with a BA in Piano Performance, I knew that I wanted to be in a band or working in some capacity with music, so this is what this website is all about. As far as being a "multi-keyboardist", instead of just being a piano player or organist, my thoughts are pretty simple. First, with the evolution of electronic instruments, the sound of today's synths are astonishing. To carry a real Hammond organ (and I used to), or grand piano is relatively stupid, mainly because they weigh so much. Second, I compare myself to a drummer. Each drum in a kit has a certain function, and all my keyboards have various functions, as well. It's true, I could change presets like a madman on stage, hopefully, hit all the right buttons. But, as I get older, I can't see all that well in the dark, even with backdrop lighting on stage. So, I assign one keyboard as my piano, another as my organ, another as string/horns and so on. Is it worth it to carry that many keyboards? Well, I get compliments from fans and other musicians that the bands I am in sound just like the original band or even better. So, yeah, it's worth it to me. In fact, the greatest compliment I ever heard was from a fan who had just heard us play "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd. The fan said that they had experienced goosebumps while we were playing the song."
- from his home page

Ross Kendall - all instruments

Home page:

Ep 18 - Song 1: "Creek Creek" by Pumptown

"Pumptown is one of the most unique family bands you will ever hear. This band consists of 2 sisters, a brother, and a dad who have invented 'Drum Infused Country Sound'.

"Band members grew up in what could be considered a competitive storytelling environment. The next best way to up the stakes was to incorporate these stories into song. In 2002, Joe and Amy completed writing their first album and organized the band with sister, Mandy, and dad, Bill. A summer tour followed and it wasn't long before more albums followed. Not tied to any genre, Pumptown experimented with many instruments which led to the invention of 'drum infusion'. Travels around the world exposed the band to the music of many cultures and along the way, band members collected many indigenous instruments. When recording new albums, the band incorporated their new toys into their sound and shows until there was no more room in the band trailer."
- from Pumptown's home page

Band members - Joe Hynek, Amy Hynek, Mandy Hynek, Bill Hynek

Home page:


Ep 18 - Song 2: "Caroline" by The Mayflies

"Original rock, with elements of bluegrass, honky tonk, blues, psychedelia, and just about any American roots music you can think of. Tremendous songwriting, agile and impressive musicianship, dynamic and engaging live shows; this is just some of what makes The Mayflies a stand-out musical force."
- from their home page

"The Mayflies are a party—a delightful mess, a crazed amalgam. Electric and acoustic, fast and slow, a bewildering explosion of hectic elation and angry loss. They’re the rock end of roots and the country end of rock, and as such, they’re hard to describe, but impossible to forget.

"The Mayflies are a band you walk away from after a single hearing, humming the chorus and wondering, 'I could swear I’ve heard that somewhere before…'

"What ties it all together, what unifies their songs and their sounds—is a quality of movement. Movement in Stacy Webster’s frenzied sweat-flinging guitar that owes as much allegiance to Django Reinhardt and Willie Nelson as it does to Jerry Garcia. Movement in the rock/classical/celtic fiddling of Natalie Brown. Movement in the melodic, quick, clean jazz-grass mandolin picking of Benj Upchurch.

"Although their music is unquestionably Americana—a distinctly Midwestern mix of blues and country guitar, folk and rock lyrics, fiddle and mandolin—The Mayflies are also a firm bridge to that rabid universe of live music, that head-bobbing, crowd-shouting, young and wild world of jam and jazz.

"The Mayflies allow themselves to improvise, but as fiercely talented, serious musicians, they never lose the song in that experience. With the nuanced, livid, jazz drumming of James Robinson, and the undeniable backbone that is Dave Lumberg on bass, The Mayflies translate as few jam bands can, from the live stage to a tight recording. They don’t noodle or wander too far. They come back, always, to their lyrics, their melodies, their roots. Artful and purposeful, devoted to storytelling and tradition, with a clear sense of pathos and place, The Mayflies take jam rock to the edge of energy. Then they pull back a little, to leave a listener wanting more."
- from their Facebook page

Dave Lumberg - Bass, Vocals
James Robinson - Drums Vocals
Stacy Webster - Vocals, Guitar, Theramin

Home page



Ep 18 - Song 3: "Lament #4" by Ryan O'Rien

"Earthy. Raw. Real. From Des Moines, Iowa, comes the Irish inspired American folk band Ryan O"Rien starring guitar wielding, harp blowing wookie Ryan Morris. Who is, incidentally, the only member of the band.

"Ryan O'Rien blends traditional Irish, English and Scottish tunes and ballads with sea chanties and original songs, all delivered with an infectious enthusiasm and energy. It's soulful folk n'roll for rogues, pirates and barley juice enthusiasts."
- from his Facebook page

Ryan Morris - vocals, guitar, harp




Ep 18 - Song 4: "Sing My Funeral Song" by Old Scratch Revival Singers

"There is no band in the state that is comparable to Old Scratch. Their music is rooted in traditional folk and gospel. They are an acoustic ensemble that usually plays with minimal amplification, preferring to blend the sounds together in an unplugged fashion reminiscent of a barn dance. But countering the bouncy bluegrass-inflected rhythms that they create, the band strikes a dark and menacing tone that invokes a Biblical sense of doom, dread and evil.

"Their music suggests a carnival noise and the vocal performances of the singer Brooks Strause can feel like the haunted chanting of a deranged side-show barker. But don’t be too afraid: Their music can also be transcendently beautiful and redemptive..."
- from Nate Logsdon at The Ames Tribune

'When you first see them on stage, the main thing that stands out is the size of the band. They fill the stage, each musician trying to stay out of the other’s way. The second thing you noticed is the abundance of acoustic instruments. This is not your regular rock and roll band. You see a fiddle, a banjo, a mandolin, an accordion, a ukulele, an upright bass, and various brass instruments.

'Then the music starts. It’s definitely folk. Old-timey folk music at that. Bluegrass as well. And you can hear the gospel influence as well. But this is the old-timey folk music you’d hear coming out of an empty haunted house in a deep, dark, scary forest. What Alice Cooper did to hard rock, and Marilyn Manson to modern rock, these guys do to old-timey music. And the person who is singing the most, makes it sound like it’s coming out of the bottom of his tortured soul. The others back him up with eerie harmonies.

'And their songs tell stories, sad stories, creepy stories. Stories of men who have lost their way and know what’s coming. Others who have just been dealt misfortune, and are fighting through it. Or have accepted their fate.'
- from Dan Wren for The Des Moines Music Coalition

Eerie Whittaker - guitar, vocal
Noah Doely - clarinet, flute, trombone, vocal
Nicholas Beard - drums, percussion, vocal 
Rebecca Frankenstein - accordion, ukelele, organ, vocal 
Samuel Anderson - violin, viola, vocal
Brooks Strause - banjo, mandolin, cornet, vocal
Matthew Nevins - upright bass, vocal



Ep 18 - Song 5: "So Still" by The Parlours

"The members of the Des Moines, Iowa band Parlours all have trouble answering the most fundamental question for any band – 'what genre are you?'

When asked, each member answers with much explanation and analogy. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Dana Halferty, 22, said she most consistently creates a 'folk pop' sound that can deviate into '70s throwback like Fleetwood Mac.' Violinist and keyboardist Becca Smith, 24, said Parlours sometimes has a distinct 'country twang.' Bassist and backing vocalist Scott Yoshimura, 26, said the band is 'definitely in the realm of indie pop.'

"'I think that it’s just beautiful. That’s what genre it is' said Shannon Garcia, owner and founder of the band’s label Aquí Estamos."
- from Danielle Pierre at the Asterisky website

"The band has an infectious, charming and uber melodic indie-pop sound with jangly guitars and a driving rhythm section reminiscent of The Cranberries."
- Bruce Warren, Exec Producer of World Cafe of NPR

"In a loud, gaudy music world ruled by Lady Gaga, Parlours is different. Understated, smart, fun, pointedly Midwestern."
-The Chicago Tribune

"What makes their impressive full-length debut All Is Here truly rise above the crowded and competitive fray is the quality of Halferty's melody-driven songcraft and her gentle, light-as-air vocals. One of the nicest surprises of the year."
- Dave Curtis, Direct Current Music / Sony BMG

Dana Halferty - Bells, Guitar, Synthesizer, Ukulele, Vocals
Erik Knudtson - Guitar (Electric)
Becca Smith - Violin
David Yoshimura - Bass, Guitar
Scott Yoshimura - Bass, Drums, Fender Rhodes, Organ, Vocals

Home page:


Ep 18 - Song 6: "Revenge" by Nuclear Rodeo

"We was born to play smooth music.

"By the Powers of Greyskull, Nuclear Rodeo formed, toured, released albums, EPs, and love to party and treat people nice.."
- from their Facebook page

"Nuclear Rodeo was formed in 2007 by bassist Chief Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport of the popular Christian jazz group "Rigorous Meltdown McGraw" as a solo project. Originally intended to be trip-hop meets tribal beat fusioncore meets skaterskapop meets methamphetamine rockhophipcore, the group quickly sold out to nobody in particular and is now a pop group. Nuclear Rodeo will play any house show in the midwest, and will also teach you how to stand on your head."
- from their page

David "Bobby Thunder H-Bomb" Olson: Drums, Hollering
Campbell "Candy Corn" DeSousa: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Gut Bustin'
Jordan "Finger Party Pompom" Mayland: Bass Guitar, Sound Wizard
Phillip "Stun Baton Technology" Young: Guitar, Party Brigade
Steven "Mcgillicuddly" Rood: Drums, Life/Band Saving
Dustin "Bad to the Bone/Nice in the Heart" Harmsen: Guitar, Aux Percussion, Keys, Vox, moves



Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ep 17 - Extra 1: "Golddigger" by Murder Earth (Chad Taylor's dedication)

Chad Taylor is the pop culture critic for Cityview magazine, managing editor of the Band Bombshell website, occasional guest on Great Day on KCWI 23, and co-host with Joe Lawler of the Critical Mass radio show on KFMG...

"Matthew will do a fine job at the Register, I'm sure, and I look forward to working with him in the community. But for me, Joe was always something the Des Moines scene needed. Someone upbeat, generally positive, smart and competent. He's got his blog now, but we'll miss seeing him every day.

"And when I think of Joe, I think of Murder Earth's cover of Kanye's Golddigger. Because the are both beautiful creations."
- from Chad Taylor for this podcast

Ben Murphy - vocals
Tim Flor - guitar
Rick Stuber - bass
Jared Albertson - drums

Chad Taylor links...


Band Bombshell:

Murder Earth links...


Ep 17 - Song 1: "Rhinemaidens" by The Envy Corps

"The Envy Corps at the first (Gross Domestic Product). There was just something electric about every show that night, but TEC took things to another level."
- from "Joe Lawler's 12 favorite music moments with Juice"

"That first GDP is a show our band considers to be a significant one in our career, as it was the biggest hometown crowd we'd played to at the time. I guess all the nervous energy came off positively. The indie music scene in Des Moines was just coming together around that time and Joe was there documenting it and giving some great unknown artists exposure. I know 100 bands including mine who wish him the best."
- from Luke Pettipoole for this podcast/blog

I couldn't find anything from The Envy Corps at the first Gross Domestic Product. But I did this performance from close to the same time at The Vaudeville Mews from a YouTube video of Mike Huston. I include the video below...

Luke Pettipoole - vocals, bass
Brandon Darner - guitarist
Scott Yoshimura - drums
David Yoshimura - guitar

Home page:


Ep 17 - Song 2: "Infestation" by Dead Horse Trauma

"Dead Horse Trauma's Juice cover. After a 2009 show at House of Bricks, the metal band presented me with a mocked-up Juice cover featuring them. It took a bit, but I finally got the band on there for real."
- from "Joe Lawler's 12 favorite music moments with Juice"

Again, I couldn't find anything from that particular show, but I have Dead Horse Trauma doing a song from that time at the last House of Bricks show in 2014, thanks to a YouTube video from Robbie Fetters. I've included it below...

Eric Davidson - Vocals
Seth Peters - Guitar
Jayson Kempf - Guitar
Dustin Wright - Touring Bass
Jason Handy - Drums

Home page:



Ep 17 - Song 3: "The Greatest Record Ever In The History of Pop Music" by Christopher the Conquered (Patrick Fleming's dedication)

"Joe always put the art first and was willing to cover anything music related in our scene! He has been a huge part in making our music scene grow in the past 10 years, by writing great features, covering the shows, and actually writing from a music fans point of view! I will really miss his work for the juice!"
- from Pat Fleming for this podcast/blog

Christopher Ford - vocals, piano

Home page:


Ep 17 - Song 4: "Pain" by La Strange

"The La Strange hatchet video. In 2011 I was doing a video interview with Brenton Dean of La Strange (now of Holy White Hounds) and midway through he pulled out a hatchet. Then we went into his yard and he spent way too long trying to throw that hatchet into a tree."
- from "Joe Lawler's 12 favorite music moments with Juice"

"La Strange was my solo project for a while. I made some demos in my basement using an 8 track recorder and a single microphone for the drums, guitar and vocal and just released them in an EP.

"One day Joe Lawler came over to interview the band and that day we became friends. I was aware of who Joe was because I had read so many of his articles in juice and he had interview so many bands i admired. By the time Joe got to my place (pretty early in the day as you can probably tell by the video) I had been drinking and hanging out with my drummer, Steven, for a while.

"When Joe got there I told him 'You know, you interview so many bands, I bet YOU have some shit to say.'  I busted out a camera and interview him back and we threw back some drinks. We had a great time.

"Joe is such a fun guy to be around because he is down for anything and you never feel judged when you're around him. Every band loves to be interview by Joe because he is comforting to be around. You never feel like you're on the chopping block when he's interviewing you.

"I was so flattered that he remembered that interview in his article hi-lighting his favorite moments from juice, because it also meant a lot to me. Joe is one of the most supportive and classy motherfuckers I have every met in my life."
- from Brenton Dean for this podcast/blog

Brenton Dean - vocals, instruments



Holy White Hounds home page:

Ep 17 - Song 5: "Anthem" by The Maytags (Brian Campos's dedication)

Brian Campos is the host of the Pants Off podcast and occasional fill-in co-host of the Critical Mass radio show on KFMG.

"Joe has always been very kind to me. While, he is a mostly reserved guy, he also has a very witty and funny side when he let's it come out. I've never heard him say anything bad about anyone. His unbiased and good natured reporting will be missed in Des Moines' music journalism."
- from Brian Campos for this podcast/blog

"The Des Moines music scene is a beast and is growing exponentially every day. The groundwork that has been done over the last decade is critical in securing our scene's future. Joe Lawler has made a huge foot print on that. Thanks Joe."
- from Dustin Smith of The Maytags for this podcast/blog

Roland Hart - Horns Arrangements
Dustin Smith - Lead Vox, Guitar
Nick Leo - Keys, Vox
Ben Mars - Bass, Vox
Sam Mogerman - Drums, Vox
Tim Sanders - Sax, Vox
Andy Poppen - Trumpet, Vox

Brian Campos's links...

Pants Off podcast on SoundCloud:

Pants Off podcast on Facebook:

Pants Off podcast on iTunes:!-podcast/id947235717?mt=2

The Maytags' links...

Home page:



Ep 17 - Extra 2: "Disconnect the Dots" by Of Montreal (Amedeo Rossi's dedication)

Amedeo Rossi is the managing partner of The Vaudeville Mews, a partner in SA Presents which produces Nitefall on the River shows and manages the Simon Estes Amphitheater, and the project manager for the Des Moines Music Coalition and the annual 80/35 music festival...

"Joe Lawler was a rock for years. Big or small he always found great ways to cover artists and events."
- from Amedeo Rossi for this podcast/blog

Ep 17 - Song 6: "Fuck Joe Lawler" by $trick9 / Song 7: "Joe vs $trick9" by Joe Lawler

"My feud with $trick9. Early on in Juice I wrote a profile on the faux conservative rapper and things got meta when Nick Strickland's rap persona created a very NSFW diss track defending his right-wing credentials. If your Google-fu is strong you might find a video of me rapping my response. We've become friends, but since I have the last word: Nick Strickland sucks."
- from "Joe Lawler's 12 favorite music moments with Juice"

"It seems my hot rhymes have finally ended Joe Lawler's career. I always knew they would. I'm just surprised it took seven years."
- from $trick9 for this podcast/blog

Band Members - Nine, Duke, Justin, Jamie and Joe


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