Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ep 8 - Song 1: "Find the Time" by Ramona and The Slimdudes

"Ramona Muse is one of the craftiest ladies we know! She draws, she paints, she sews, she sings, and she has mad dance skills. She even hosts one of the most entertaining pub quizzes around. (Check out her blog to see what she’s up to.) But if you haven’t seen her live on stage, you’re really missing out on one of Iowa’s most clever and real musicians around. With lyrics everyone and their moms can relate to, simple and super catchy beats, and stage presence that instantly makes you feel like you found your new best friend, Ramona is a must-see."
- Lindsay Fullington on Band Bombshell

Vocals - Ramona Muse Lambert
Bass/vocals - Willy Muse
Drums/vocals - Derek Muse Lambert

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