Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ep 8 - Song 2: "Robot Song" by Prairie Green Preschoolers

"My six preschoolers and I wrote the song together last year,' Nicole Upchurch says, "and it has become a favorite at music time again. ‘Robot Song’ was the very first song we ever wrote. I simply posed the questions, ‘Do you all want to write a song together? What do you want to sing about?’ And they all agreed, ‘Robots!’ The chorus came easily and then we found rhymes together for the verses.” She adds, “Sometimes my students will say something in the bathroom or at snack time that makes a great song lyric!” Nicole says that this songwriting process often takes place over the course of weeks, so it can happen at any part of the day. Nicole’s daughter Waelyn helped write the song, along with everyone else. “For Waelyn, and for my other students, songwriting is a shared effort—like cooking or playing tag.”
- from the For Kids & By Kids liner notes

Vocals - students of Prairie Green School: Parker and Will Boback, Amelia and Elizabeth Buckley, Maggie Ebinger, Henry and Claire Lawler, Jay Mascardo, Avery Nepple, Kobi Nott, Ana Rippentrop, Carrera Sulentic, Waelyn Upchurch, Lucy Wolf, Nicole Upchurch
Soprano ukuleles - Caroline Mascardo, Lucy Westemeyer, B.J. Wolf, Nicole Upchurch
Banjo ukulele - Luca Chackalackal
Harmonica - Lucy Wolf
Bass Ukulele - Craig “Pappy” Klocke

Prairie Green School home page:

Nicole Upchurch's band Awful Purdies:

Nicole Upchurch's band The Feralings:

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