Monday, March 14, 2016

Ep 27 - Extra 2: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Peace, Love, and Stuff (plus Chad Taylor from his Cityview column, "Sound Stage")

This is another one of the covers that Peace, Love, and Stuff is known for. Again, I couldn't get the rights to play on the podcast, so I'm including it on the blog.

This video is from Fester Rage, whose YouTube channel is full of great performances from local bands.

"Peace Love and Stuff, the evening’s opening act, is a polished, high-energy act that’s a comfortable fit in a wide variety of lineups. Its sound is rockabilly infused and tight, with nary a weak link in the band. Timekeeper Joe McGuire and bassist Jacob Doll keep the low end hopping, while the band’s flash and sizzle is supplied by incomparable front woman Lavonne McRoberts and the sensational slide work of lead guitarist Dylan Boyle. .. Peace Love and Stuff has honed its live shows over the past several months, developing a performance that is cohesive and fun."
- from Chad Taylor in his Cityview column, "Sound Stage"

Lavonne McRoberts - vocals
Dylan Boyle - guitar
Jake Doll - bass
Joe McGuire - drums

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