Monday, March 14, 2016

Ep 27 - Song 5: "Over You" by Peace, Love, and Stuff (plus Joe Lawler from a Juice magazine article)

"The band has built a following with its rockabilly sound, but is pulling more blues and pop influences into 'Too Lonesome to Cry.' McRoberts grew up around rockabilly and was attracted to its rebellious nature, but for 'Too Lonesome' she was looking for something a little different.

"'There’s more influence from blues artists like Ma Rainey on this,' McRoberts said. 'I tend to drink too much whiskey sometimes and I think it might affect my voice. It’s gotten more gravelly. The album has more of a Janis Joplin feel.'

'Peace, Love and Stuff got its start as a solo project for McRoberts, but she slowly started collaborating with other musicians around Ames. The current lineup has been in place for about two years. McRoberts called the lineup of drummer Joe McGuire, bassist Jake Doll and guitarist Dylan Voyle the best team she’s ever worked with.

'The band worked on “Too Lonesome to Cry” for about a year and a half. She said the length was partly due to wanting everything to be perfect, but that the imperfections started to win her over.

"'Lots of times it’s the random or unexpected things that happen in the studio that stand out,' McRoberts said. 'There’s a bit of studio magic that occurs when you’re in there for hours together.'

'At one point McGuire dropped a drum stick during an early take on the song 'Rebel.' McRoberts said it led to a musical break where there hadn’t been one, improving the song’s sound. As the band recorded at The Sonic Factory, they continued to experiment whenever possible.

"'If something sounded good, why not try it?' McRoberts said. 'Fun stuff happens and sometimes it turns into a good idea.'"
- from Joe Lawler in a Juice magazine article

Lavonne McRoberts - vocals
Dylan Boyle - guitar
Jake Doll - bass
Joe McGuire - drums

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