Monday, March 14, 2016

Ep 27 - Song 3: "Moonshine Lover" (live) by Lavonne McRoberts and Dylan Boyle (a plus video of "Moonshine Lover" by the original lineup of Peace, Love, and Stuff) (plus Rae Fehring on Peace, Love, and Stuff from her "Once More with Fehring" column on the Band Bombshell website)

"I will introduce you to a woman in music you should know but probably don’t. And to make it easier on me, I’ll just start with a name.

"Lavonne McRoberts.

"First, let’s just all agree that she has the coolest freaking name ever! It’s super judgy and probably I’m breaking 20 different feminist rules I have, but seriously her name just makes her sound like she’d be a bad-ass-cool-chic-in-a-band. And she is.

"As the lead singer of Peace, Love, & Stuff (ok, she’s taken all of the best names for anything ever), McRoberts presents as a throwback queen of rockabilly and sounds a little like the polyamorous offspring of Patti Smith, Lauren Bacall (it’s that raspy voice), Dolores O’Riordan, and Loretta Lynn...

"Her lyrics are graphic and simple, which is not to say they are without depth, but McRoberts deftly manipulates simple language into some really deep lines like, 'Cross my heart and hope to die—stick of dynamite in your eye.' #loveit..

"I highly suggest you get out to either a solo Lavonne McRoberts show or Peace, Love, & Stuff. Her stage presence is freaking amazing. She OWNS you when she takes the stage... She is a force for sure!"
- from Rae Fehring's "Once More with Fehring" column on the Band Bombshell website

Lavonne McRoberts - vocals, guitar
Dylan Boyle - guitar

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