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Ep 3 - Song 1: "Counter Culture" by MarKaus

"Originally from the Kansas City area, MarKaus is the true definition of Hip Hop. Someone who believes in each of the key elements of the art from. From lyricism to enlightenment, anything that is sincerely Hip Hop, is MarKaus."
- from his ReverbNation page

Ep 3 - Song 2: "Nothing to It" by Breazy Low

"What it do my peoples? My name is Breazy Low from the midwest (Specifically the DMI). I'm 17 years young and out here doin' what alot of these older cats can't do, make QUALITY music. Feel me? Me and my niggas we really out here tryna do this so show some love and support the kid."
- from his ReverbNation page




Ep 3 - Song 3: "June Dreams" by KIDD

"KIDD is a Producer/Emcee currently residing in Minnesota. He is a member of the producer duo "Head Bangaz" along with T3."
- MarKaus from Media Fresh

MediaFresh home page:

MediaFresh Bandcamp:

Ep 3 - Song 4: "Ignorant Shit" by Tempest Musik

"Tempest Muzik is an emcee based in Des Moines. This secretive artist is working on a mixtape which should be out near the end of the year."
- MarKaus from Media Fresh

MediaFresh home page:

MediaFresh Bandcamp:

Ep 3 - Song 5 - "So Dope" by Media Fresh (Breazy Low, Equinox[X], MarKaus, and Top Flight)

"MediaFresh Entertainment is an indie label focused on bringing the best hip hop and soul music out of the midwest. Started in 2012, be on the watch for our upcoming releases and tour dates."
- from their Bandcamp page

MediaFresh home page:

MediaFresh Bandcamp:

Ep 3 - Song 6: "Lifestyle Choice" by Top Flight feat MarKaus and Breazy Low

"Top Flight is a 19 year old Emcee from Des Moines. Recently recorded an EP executed produced by Exo Morales to be released soon."
- MarKaus of Media Fresh

MediaFresh home page:

MediaFresh Bandcamp:

Ep 3 - Song 7: "Man with a Gun" by MarKaus

"Originally from the Kansas City area, MarKaus is the true definition of Hip Hop. Someone who believes in each of the key elements of the art from. From lyricism to enlightenment, anything that is sincerely Hip Hop, is MarKaus."

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ep 2 - Song 1: "The Nihilist" by Dylan Boyle

The first member of my "Board of Trustees" is Dylan Boyle. Dylan has been part of the central Iowa music scene for a few years now. I first met through Lavonne McRoberts and her band Peace, Love, and Stuff, for which plays guitar. Since then, we come to be friends. And when I was working on a Christmas album (that didn't pan out) and this podcast, he was a strong supporter and gung ho on both ideas!

"Music and the need to play guitar became an important part of Dylan Boyle's life after hearing Led Zeppelin in 7th grade. Although deaf in one ear from an early age, the technicality, soul and emotion of early blues rock drove him to pick up an instrument and delve into the mastery of guitar players from Jimi Hendrix to Steve Vai, and most importantly, Iron Maiden.

"While playing guitar in Burlington High School's jazz ensemble, Boyle fell in love with the simplicity and feel of Chicago blues players, leading him to further examine recordings of early blues guitar players and eventually learn to play slide guitar from an obsession with Rory Gallagher.

"When given a chance to play a few songs live with Burlington folk artist Bob Saar, and after seeing Radoslav Lorkovic and Dave Zollo at The Blue Shop - owned by David Hazell, brother to Patrick Hazell of Mother Blues Band fame - Boyle gained an appreciation for Eastern Iowa folk and blues artists and the Hacklebarney sound.'"
- From Dylan's Facebook page

Dylan Boyle - guitars/vocals

Photo by Lucas Moser of Aim for Saturn Photography, and a member of the Iowa Concert Photographers collective, from The Space for Ames 13-hour 5th anniversary show in February of 2013 while performing with Risky Revival.




Ep 2 - Song 2: "Bruise (live)" by The Spartan Blue

Jen Allen is the second member of my "Board of Trustees". She is spunky gal is quickly becoming my second favorite short person. (My 4 foot 11 1/2 inches daughter is, of course, #1!) But Jen always has a kind word, a suggestion, and encouragement when I consult with my board!

Jen Allen is probably best know for her now defunct band, Hath No Fury, but her new band The Spartan Blue is starting to get a buzz. The song used here is from their upcoming album and was recorded live at The Vaudeville Mews by Chad Taylor of the Band Bombshell website and the Des Moines weekly Cityview.

"We're just a little indie rock band, but we're hoping to be some of the glue that helps hold your disintegrating world together. A little something to remind you of what you want, and what you don't want, and who you want to be. A little something to awaken the ache in you that lets you know you're alive, and breathing, and that YOU matter, and what you DO matters...

The Spartan Blue speaks of those quiet, still moments when life is crashing all around you. Take what you need, get rid of what you don't.

Jen Allen writes the bones of our songs, playing guitar and writing the lyrics. They are raw, bare pieces of honesty, faults, determination, love, and absolute heartbreak. She is joined by Jay Corigliano, whose diverse experience makes him a powerful addition on the drums as well as vocal harmonies, adding a unique flavor to this indie rock experience."
- from their Facebook page

Jen Allen - Vox/Guitar
Jay Corigliano - Drums/Vox/Mumbling
Jim Corigliano - Bass/Vox/Awesome


Ep 2 - Song 3: "Hey, Away We Go to Spain" by Strong Like Bear

The third member of my "Board of Trustees" is Bryon Dudley. Bryon is well known in the Ames and Central Iowa music scenes. He started and runs Nova Labs Records for one thing! Also started and runs The Spacement Recording Studio! Writes for the Rid of Me music blog! Is married to the lovely Rachel Dudley!

And top of all that is one of the nicest and sweetest guys you could know.

Oh yeah, he also is in numerous bands! And Strong Like Bear is certainly the one closest to his heart.

"Strong Like Bear is a song-focused band from Ames, Iowa that has played music since 2006. Percussionist Rachel 'Rat' Dudley & bassist Greg Bruna provide grooves and beats to the sweet-yet-edgy and melodic songs. SLB's vocal harmonies have earned them acclaim from fans and clubs alike. They released their first EP, "Seekiing Ghosts," in 2010. SLB has played at the Des Moines Social Club, Cafe Diem, The Ritual Cafe, Headliner's, DG's Taphouse, The Maintenance Shop, Ames Progressive, The Surf Ballroom, Thumbs, the Ames Public Library, Cafe Milo, Stomping Grounds, several Iowa State University functions/benefits, frequent Member's Appreciation Days at Wheatsfield Co-Op, Prarie Moon, and the Unity Unplugged benefit in Marshalltown. They have been featured on Scented Vinyl, KCCQ's "The Garage," the Insider Iowa sessions, and many others."
- From their Facebook page

guitarist/vocalist - Bryon Dudley
percussionist/vocalist - Rachel Dudley
guitarist/vocalist - Jordan Mull
bassist - Greg Bruna
percussionist - Dave Atchison



Ep 2 - Song 4: "03" by Tires

The fourth member of my "Board of Trustees" is Andrew Smith. If you're any part of the central Iowa music scene, the chances are you've seen this raven-haired, bespectacled middle-age man. He attends at least 3 shows a week of various genres. And was in fact, chosen as the first recepient of The Greater Des Moines Music Coalition's (DMMC) Music Fan of the Year Award at last year's Backstage Ball.

Andrew Smith is not a musician though. So I just let him choose a track to feature on this podcast. And he chose "03" by Tires.

"Electronic rock band Tires plays primarily instrumental music, with an emphasis on groove and a layered palette (including the occasional electric drill on guitar). The huge sound produced is accomplished by just two people: Phil Young on guitar and electronic sound manipulations, and Jordan Mayland on drums and synthesizers. The two are in a virtual “who’s who” of Iowa bands, including The Wheelers, The Volcano Boys, The Mantis Pincers, Nuclear Rodeo, and many others."

- Bryon Dudley for The Greater Des Moines Music Coalition (

Phil Young - keys, guitar, samples
Jordan Mayland - keys, guitar, drums
Chris Marshall - guitar, drums
Cory Wendell - bass, percussion
sometimes Joryn Brown - drums, keys




Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ep 1 - Song 1: "I O W A" by Demigod

Don't know much about this band. A friend gave me a couple of their tracks. They're from Des Moines.

UPDATE Feb 18, 2017

The Des Moines Register had a recent article by Mike Kilen on Mr Randy Kong, providing a lot more information on this mystery man -

"Randy Kong is the Des Moines skywalk musician with the booming voice, rattling the glass windows with cover tunes such as the Monkee’s “Daydream Believer.” He has long black hair and wide-set eyes. Many assume he’s a homeless Native American. He’s not.

"Kong is a 61-year-old bachelor who got some songs and a tattoo out of broken engagements and instead spent his years working by day and playing rock music at night. The half Chinese, half Hispanic guitar player just loved playing music...

“'He used to be in these crazy shock metal bands, and clubs wouldn’t let him play because it was too vulgar. Now, he’s in the skywalk doing John Denver covers,' said (Kasey) McCurdy, who finally came to know him a year ago...

"'I’ve learned so many lessons about life from him. Being kind to people. Being content,' McCurdy said. 'My entire life, so many people around me are chasing a career path, and they get there and are no happier. Here’s Randy. Is he world famous? No. He just wants to play music.'...

"'I’m going to do this until I die,' he said. 'If I have to play with a machine hooked up to me.'"

End update

Randy Kong
Steve Morrow


Friday, January 2, 2015

Ep 1 - Song 2: "We're So Lonely" by Christopher the Conquered

"His winning charm is subtle and earnestness; if he has to sing a downbeat ballad rife with wary words straight from the heart, he’s going to do it. But if his piano solos are unconventional and his ponderous lyrics seem coy, it’s often downplayed into the decorous blend of instrumentation." Paste Magazine

“One of Iowa’s most promising exports.”

"[Ford is] never afraid to speak his mind or turn something on it’s head. Writing from the heart is always the best way to go, and on this album Ford does that in spades." Josh Terzino,

“A bizarro-world Randy Newman, Ford is hilarious and sincere, veering close to parody but saving it with heart.” L. Kent Wolgamott, Lincoln Journal-Star

Press photo by Jerrod Jordahl




"Iowa City Song Project":


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ep 1 - Song 3: "Fairfield" by Jefferson County Green Band

The JCGB is one of the most authentic, versatile and compelling bands in the Midwest. Their music is roots rock, infused with an outlaw flair. Whether cutting loose at an all-day outdoor music festival, a college, a bike rally, a main stage or a tavern-this is a band guaranteed to lift your spirits and get your feet moving with their irrepressibly tight musicianship and down-home esprit de corps. - from

lead vocals/acoustic guitar - Steve MacLain
harmonica - Kevin Riley
bass - Tim Duffy
drums - David Hurlin

Home page:




Ep 1 - Song 4: "Des Moines River Conference" by North of Grand

A Farewell To Rockets, the fifth album from Iowa’s North of Grand, marks the end of an era and the beginning of another. The band’s Brolester Records debut is a tribute of sorts to the Rocket Transfer Warehouse, the brick building NOG called home for a decade before being booted - so the structure in downtown Des Moines could be converted into condos. Rockets is also NOG’s first recording as a quartet. The addition of lead guitarist Matt Wellendorf has transformed the band from a somewhat simple, punk-pop trio into a fully-realized rock n roll machine.- from North of Grand's Facebook page

guitars/vocals - Sean Wilson
drums - Pat Curtis
bass - Dan Ketelsen





Ep 1 - Song 5: "Des Moines" by Stuck with Arthur

Stuck With Arthur was a Des Moines band in the 2000's. They played pop rock and alternative rock. They also feature Chris Ford of Christopher the Conquered on drums.

Adam Bartelt, Thomas Logan, Spenser Ford, and Chris Ford




Ep 1 - Song 6: "Iowa Waltz" by Greg Brown

You haven't heard of Greg Brown, then you don't know the Iowa folk scene. The man has dominated it for a couple of decades now. And there is a push to make "Iowa Waltz" our state song!

Greg Brown - vocals, guitar
Dave Hansen - bass
Dave Moore - harmonica
Al Murphy - fiddle
Mike Watts - drums
John Welstead - drums
David Williams - banjo, guitar, mandolin

Greg Brown dot org -

Greg Brown music -

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Ep 1 - Song 7: "Iowa" by Joseph David Soukop

Joseph Soukop is known to Iowa and Ames music scene as a drummer, but he probably thinks of himself more as a poet that drums than a drummer that writes poetry.

"It is also interesting to note that when he got his diploma he immediately burnt it so he does not have a university diploma."
Dr. N - Doctor Notes

"He has just returned from travelling around Europe, sleeping on the streets. He indicates he was robbed and had "some problems" and returned back to Iowa. He is currently sleeping on a couch of a friend. No cell phone."
Dr. N - Doctor Notes

"...for Jim's Real Life Superhero Recognition...this round goes to josephdavidsoukup for general risk-taking and realness in artistry."
Jim Coppoc - Jimmy Awards

"He's a constant innovator, seeker, and word bender. He wills everything he has into his performance and his life, sometimes barely able to stand after."
Jay Parry - Ames Poetry Revival

"...decided to replace the farm life he had known his whole life for a life of anarchy and corybantic homelessness."
"The sum total is pretty overwhelming and really captures (his) free spirit and unstoppable art-making."
Nate Logsdon - The Ames Tribune

Photo: David Derong/Iowa State Daily

Vocals - Joseph David Soukop
Background vocals - TV


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Intro and Closing - Dylan Boyle

Dylan Boyle is an Iowa artist currently living in Des Moines. He has a blues/psychedelic band called Electric Jury. He also hReas played guitar for the band, Peace, Love, and Stuff, for ages. He's also an accomplished solo artist.

And I'm grateful that he was more than willing to do a theme song for my little podcast!

Dylan Boyle - guitarist

Photo by Lucas Moser of Aim for Saturn Photography, and a member of the Iowa Concert Photographerscollective

Facebook page:


YouTube :

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