Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ep 44 - Song 5: "Masquerade" by No Good Deed

"No Good Deed is a rock band from Des Moines Iowa comprised of a group of battle scarred veterans of the central Iowa music scene. "
- from their BandCamp page

“'In practices, people contribute with drum or guitar parts, and we’ll see what works and go from there,' Morgan said. '(Hansen) will come in with a bunch of ideas, and I’ll come in with a bunch, and we’ll all just kind of jam on riffs and see what works. At this point, after being together for a couple of years, we’ve kind of gotten to the point where we finish each other’s sentences.'"
- from an article by Chad Taylor in Cityview

"If you’re looking for beefy heartland rock ‘n’ roll with enough of a pop sheen to make it palatable, you’re 'Looking for a Mantra.' These fo​ur guys, veterans of the no-BS Midwest scene, rumble like they’re trying to keep the years at bay, and they’re succeeding.

"Guitarist/vocalist Doug Hansen drops fat chords and takes instrumental breaks in unanticipated directions. At times it’s the sonic equivalent of watching a mountain biker with a ProCam wobblying at the edge of a vertiginous cliff. Hansen is the dominant songwriter with six and one-half writing credits (the half shared with drummer Tim Schmitt) but everybody contributes to an effort made vastly more formidable through the efforts of many hands...

"Mostly, though, it’s reliable power pop with an edge sharp enough to cut yourself on. Imagine Urge Overkill without the preening, or Material Issue without the eagerness to please."
- from Patrick Beach on Austin American-Statesman

"No Good Deed’s component members have been around the scene for a couple of decades. In a way, you could call the band a kind of “super group” of early-’90s Des Moines influences... Lead singer Rob Reeves and guitarist Doug Hansen drive No Good Deed’s sound with a classic combination of clean vocals and crunchy rock riffs. It might not be hipster-slick, but it’s definitely still cool."
- from a review by Chad Taylor in Cityview

"Much like Cedar Valley bands House of Large Sizes and the Mittens, No Good Deed are what some people might call old-timers (all of the members are older than 40) who have stayed true to loud, fast rock 'n' roll while resisting grunge and other dreary sounding trends from the 1990s." - from a review by John Molseed in The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

Doug Hansen - Guitar Vocals
Jeff Morgan - Bass, Vocals
Ray Ebert - Drums

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