Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ep 44 - Song 4: "Good Intentions" by The World Is Flat

"Buzzkill rock from Des Moines, Ia."
- from their BandCamp page

"Three high school friends raised in a homeschooled environment spent their time playing Green Day and Modest Mouse covers in a basement. One day, one of them said 'Hey! This sounds pretty ok.' So they called themselves 'Branded As Better.' After everyone asked them why they were called, 'Brandon Is Better' and why there was no one named Brandon in the band, they renamed themselves 'Anticonscience.' They played shows for several months and over that time were challenged to write better and more authentic music. With a short hiatus, the group got together and began writing, working out a specific sound. They came back at 'The World Is Flat.'

"There are three of us.
Josiah Sutton, a pretentious wannabe philosopher with a love of 90s alternative, punk, and indie.
Stuart Merritt, a guitarist stuck on bass who keeps trying to make our music sound like Coldplay.
Morgan Vander Hart, a drummer who spends his time playing metal and indie, and serves the job of being attractive."
- from their Facebook page

Josiah Sutton - guitar, bass, vocals
Stuart Merritt - guitar, bass, vocals
Morgan Vander Hart - drums, raw sex appeal




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