Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ep 44 - Cover by Robert Braune

“ There is this desire that I have, to want to paint people the way that they are seen. The way that I see them. But if I am honest with myself, I find that I lack a talent that is needed to achieve such an image. So while still attempting to do so, part way through I am reminded of the difficulty that is involved with this task. So I find this medium ground where I can still portray human without it being pure representational. They become these monster like humans, but retain human qualities. Thus becoming less monstrous and more humanly relatable. Or I would like to think so. I’m not other people so I cannot speak for them.

"More so, I am ultimately trying to create memorable images. Ones that people will one day want to put in some college students art history book. So, the images I paint, I try to make them as representative of my work and the way that I plan to continue to work...

“I would say my work is abstracted realism. Often I paint from something that is real but it becomes abstracted through the quality of my work. By definition I would be abstract. But abstract is an abstracted word. It’s been simplified to the point that it’s to easily applied to things... Honestly, when people ask me what I paint, I usually just say still lifes and portraits. Then I just show them some photos of work. People can make up their own minds on what my paintings are.”
- from an interview with Jon from the Art Beacon website

Original version of artwork
in its original proportions and form

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