Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ep 24 - Song 8: "Yesterday I Was Talking to My Sister" by Jack Joe Talcum & The Powders (from the most downloaded on Bandcamp - Episode 14: Lipstick Homicide Retrospective, Part 2 of 3)

Original podcast:

Jack Joe Talcum is NOT an Iowan. But he was included on this podcast, because Rachel Feldmann of Lipstick Homicide played in his back up band, The Powders. And this was part of a tribute to Rachel's band, Lipstick Homicide.

And although Jack Joe Talcum is not an Iowan, we won't hold that against him. He is a Midwesterner. And all the members of The Powders were Iowans. In fact, put together by Iowa City musician Samuel Locke Ward and some of his Iowa City cohorts.

And in case, you don't know who Joe Jack Talcum is, he was a member of the nineties alternative band, The Dead Milkmen, before having his own solo career.

Joe Jack Talcum - vocals, guitars, harmonica
Grace Locke Ward - drums
Samuel Locke Ward - keyboards, guitar
Rachel Feldmann-bass

To download (right click and hit "Save link as..."):

Joe Jack Talcum's home page:

Joe Jack Talcum's Facebook page:

Joe Jack Talcum & The Powders' split album with Samuel Locke Ward on Bandcamp for FREE:

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