Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ep 24 - Song 5: "That Kinda Tough" by Danny Grause (from the most watched episode of YouTube - Episode 10: Iowa Country Music)

Original podcast on YouTube:

Danny Grause is not a traditional country artist. Fortunately for him, his fans don't really care. His music sits comfortably in their playlists somewhere between Merle Haggard and Maroon 5, providing a fresh combination of gravel and groove for those who believe "Country" is merely a state of mind. Danny has been described as 'the theoretical love child of Willie Nelson and Chaka Khan', both for his style of performance and his song craftsmanship. On stage with his supporting band the "Black Dirt Kings" his music takes the listener on a virtual road trip full of twists and turns and occasional stops in funky town. In 2010 Danny's signature sound caught the attention of some kindred spirits when a demo of "Don't Tell Mama" made the Top 15 our of more than 700 acts in the "Sailing Southern Ground Contest", created and judged by none other than CMA and Grammy award-winning "Zac Brown Band". His music has also been featured in radio, television, and most recently in the new ad campaign for the "Hotsy" corporation. Deliberately unpolished and unapologetic, Danny's commanding stage presence is just what you would expect from a carpenter's son who's proud of every callous and scar he's earned along the way.
- from his home page

Danny Grause - all instruments and vocals

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