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Ep 20 - Extra 1: Joe Lawler on Jimi

Art by Drew Harden
Joe Lawler was, until recently, the music reporter for The Des Moines Register. He is also the co-host with Chad Taylor of the Critical Mass radio show on KFMG and a blogger of music, comics, and family life at Live Local Man.

"I feel like whenever I walk around the East Village I run into Jimi, and whenever I would stop into House of Bricks I would get drawn into a conversation with him. He's just a genuinely nice guy and it's impossible to walk away from encounter with him without a smile on your face. You're going to kick cancer's ass, man!"
- for this podcast/blog

Ep 20 - Song 1: "Where Do I Go" by Dubwitch

"Music fans around Des Moines have been hearing Stella Katsoudas' music for years, even if they don't know her by that name. In the late '90s the Chicago musician made frequent visits to Des Moines, performing under the name Sister Soleil at Dotfest, and her song, "Red," got heavy airplay on the now defunct KKDM.

"You might remember her brief turn as a pop star under the name Stella Soleil (though she would prefer you didn't). She even had a top 40 hit with the song "Kiss Kiss."

"Most recently she was the singer of Shawn Crahan's Dirty Little Rabbits, even living in Des Moines for a time...

"After Dirty Little Rabbits broke up, Katsoudas briefly moved to Omaha, then back to Chicago. It had been nearly 17 years since she had lived in the city and had lost touch with most of the city's music scene. She was set up on a date with her now husband, a DJ, and he suggested she give EDM a try.

"'I didn't really know what to do, should I start a new band?' Katsoudas said. 'He said "You could totally do this on your own, I'll write the beats."'

"Katsoudas said Dub Witch's sound is a combination of dubstep and the more occult-themed witch house genre. She said she's essentially writing music for horror films, like she did with her song 'Killer & a Queen' for the 2012 film 'Underworld: Awakening.'"
- from Joe Lawler in Juice magazine

Stella Katsoudas Weiher, Joe Weiher, and Jimmi Nolan


Home page:



Dirty Little Rabbits:



Ep 20 - Song 2: "To: You" by Madam Jules

"Madam Jules is the journey of addiction, depression, bad choices and lessons learned. Reflective material written by Julia Mahlstadt out of Des Moines, Iowa. Teamed up with hometown musician/producer, Donnie Mengwasser (660 Records), they took Madam Jules' original music, written with a guitar and her voice, and created the feeling and emotion Madam Jules is conveying in her conviction. Enjoy, reflect, relate, connect. UPDATE: Madam Jules is proud to announce that we now have a full live band with the music. Playing local shows in Iowa for now with hopes to go on a midwest tour. Thank you and hope to see you at the next show!"
- from their ReverbNation page

"To say that Madam Jules is the best new band you haven?t heard yet can’t be quite accurate, considering that the group has played all over the metro and is currently ranked as one of the very top bands of Des Moines on ReverbNation. So let’s just say that if you aren’t listening yet, you should be.

"Whether Madam Jules is an old favorite or a pleasant new-to-you surprise, it is indisputable that lead singer and songwriter, Julia Mahlstadt, is a star on the rise. With her poetic lyrics and earthy voice, Mahlstadt is the heart and soul of Madam Jules."
- from Alissa Sheldon on the Iowa Music Buzz website

Julia Mahlstadt - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Cody Smith - Drums, Percussion
Jared Williams - Bass Guitar
Blake Brennan - Lead Guitar
Jayson Kempf - Guitar



Ep 20 - Song 3: "Inside" by As For You / Brian Ickowitz on Jimi

"Jimi is the epitome of the iowa music scene.. He was my, and many others, 1st sound guy (@ the old House of Bricks on Merle Hay) And a lot of people's friend and family member. We are a family on this scene, and he is definitely a huge part of making this family whole."
- from Brian Ickowitz for this podcast/blog

"Formed and based out of Des Moines, Iowa, As For You is all about passion and drive. Composed of five dedicated musicians, this band delivers powerful driving riffs ranging from acoustic to heavy sound and grounded by a solid rythym section. Tenacious and driven, these eclectic artists employ a strong work ethic and vigorous determination to deliver high powered performances to their fans. Ceaseless in their endeavor to bring fresh sound and raw emotion to each and every song, As For You are guarenteed to pack a punch that will leave you begging for more."
- from their Facebook page

Josh Baumunk - Vocals
Harold Waits - Guitar
Harlan "Harpo" Dunaway - Bass
Brian Ickowitz - Drums
Jeremiah Johnson - Guitar



Ep 20 - Song 4: "All Truckered Out" by Wrestling with Wolves / Danny Wolf on Jimi

"Jimi is a stellar guy. He was there one of the first times I ever played in DSM. Running sound at the old house of bricks. He has always been super supportive of music that I have been involved in and I wish nothing but health and happiness for the future."
- from Danny Wolf for this podcast/blog

"So..there was this Dudeman, and he was in a band with some other Dudemans.

"THEN...some of the Dudemans wanted to make some changes, so the Dudeman band Disbanded!

"This made Dudeman verrry sad.... he then excepted a dead end job, and started playing shows all by his lonesome.

"THEN LOW AND BEHOLD!! A MIRACLE!!! In the form of a virgin child.

"This child appeared to him in the vestabule of WAL-MART!!

"and the child said..." wanna jam some time"

"they did.... and the lord saw that it was good, and granted them a bass player. the likes of wich they had never seen.

"Their powers combined and they began, WRESTLING WITH WOLVES!!"
- from their Facebook page

"Like the snarls and ferocity of it's namesake, Des Moines band Wrestling With Wolves tear through their unique brand of emotional rock and roll with a vengeance. Emerging from the garages of rural Iowa, WWW have begun to garner a well deserved following in and around the Des Moines metro, opening for such notable acts as Cloud Cult and Filter. Known for their explosive live show, Wolves capture the whiskey grit of rock and roll with the emotional candor of songwriting greats. The band also features Jonathan Rowl on guitar, Tyler Meinders on drums, and recently adding Gregg Cupp to the roster on bass. Their first full length album, 'The Cast of Shadows' was recorded and produced by the band's singer/songwriter Danny Wolf, and released on his independent label 'The Market of The Beast.''Cast' is a journey into the depths of Wolf's mind and soul. The singer's lyrics are intricate and personal, drawing on the ghosts of his past. These songs tend to leave one with questions about their own existence, but a surprising optimism towards the future. Tracks like, 'The Places That Made Me So' take you on an imagery packed journey through Wolf's religious upbringing with lines like, 'That deacon, he's no beacon, just another scheming demon', with Wolf later admitting 'I wont say that the son of God was fraudulent, because I believe it is possible.' While songs like, 'The Perks of Being A Small Flower' and 'The Boy in The Red Jammies' give incredible depth and insight into the wordsmith's childhood and family life. For a truly unique rock and roll experience, check out Wrestling With Wolves at a venue near you. This is a band you won't regret seeing."
- from their ReverbNation page

Danny Wolf - vocals
John Rowl - guitars
Mercury Hendrix - bass
Tyler Meinders - drums
Greg Cupp - bass




Ep 20 - Extra 2: Chad Taylor on Jimi

Chad Taylor is the pop culture critic for Cityview magazine, managing editor of the Band Bombshell website, occasional guest on Great Day on KCWI 23, and co-host with Joe Lawler of the Critical Mass radio show on KFMG...

"I've never seen anyone do as much with as little to work with as Jimi does in the Streetcar 209 kitchen. He's a great person, a heck of a cook, and a genuine staple in the Des Moines music scene. I know plenty of people who have their gripes about the scene, or Des Moines in general, or even Streetcar in particular. But nobody has a bad word for Jimi. There aren't many people around who are universally liked, and the fact that Jimi is one of them is really all you need to know about him."
- for this podcast/blog

Ep 20 - Song 5: "Deign" by Odium

"Odium is an eclectic 4 piece hailing from the heartland. Odium began as a band of brothers, each a talented musician of unknown quantity. Although they had previously toured with other musicians creating highly inspired original sounds, the bonds they found together as two sets of brothers formed a new family and an exceedingly unrivaled sound.

"Since their inception, the brothers of Odium have continually evolved as artists, intellectuals, and members of the human race. Evidence of their constant change and growth can be heard in their imaginative and progressive music.

"Whether listening to the album or one of their mind-blowing live performances, audiences find themselves mesmerized by the intricacies. Odium's music is a cathartic whirlwind of radical rhythmic melody and relentless yet savvy soothing guitars."
- from their Number One Music page

Often called the best kept secret in the Midwest, Odium took a different approach to music and the scene. The songs came first and shows were limited. The first self-titled album, commonly referred to as the 'Black Album', was recorded at Catamount Studios and released in 2004. Over 6000 copies were sold with no support from Des Moines radio or press.

Odium spent the next 2 years writing and performing all over the Midwest and began to make a name for itself. Odium began concentrating on bringing regional acts to Des Moines as well as finding locals who deserved exposure. Leaning heavily on the awesomeness of JC and Nancy Wilson of the House Of Bricks, Odium began using elaborate stage shows and shenanigans to showcase what a live show could be...

Jim Corigliano on the band's shows: 'As for the shows, we really wanted to set ourselves apart. People were complaining that all local shows were becoming more expensive and all the bands did was stand there. So we decided to reduce the cost of our shows and put on something that they didn't get to see very often and that they wouldn't readily forget. We also made it a point of pride never to keep any money from our shows... that always went to the other bands.'

Jim further explains: 'We purchased an elaborate lighting system. We would fog the crap out of the venue so all you could see was shadows. We made sandwiches for the audience. We had 'garage sales' during the shows where I would haggle prices while in the middle of shows. There were so many odd things we did I honestly can't remember. I think the thing that set the shows apart were that no one else was doing it. Even the touring bands that came through didn't have the crew or equipment that we had.'
- from their The Nameless Project page

Jim Corigliano - Vocals
Eric Mesenbrink - Guitars
John Mesenbrink - Bass
Jay Corigliano - Drums

Ep 20 - Song 6: "Building a Better Mars" by Calous / Joe Corigliano on Jimi

"I joined Calous in '03. Soon after, we started playing The House Of Bricks when it was on Merle Hay.

"Jimi was the soundman at that time. The band and him hit it off instantly. Who knew it only took a shot of Jager? He quickly became Calous' 6th man. Or 8th man since we had 7 (soon to be 5) in the band at the time.

"He's been a loyal fan and a good friend ever since. He even owns a coveted, and very limited edition, personalized Calous hockey jersey for being that fan and friend. Calous and I love Jimi and will do anything for that guy!"
- from Joe Corigliano for this podcast/blog

"Calous is a high energy rock band from Des Moines, Iowa. Their focus is drive. Their drive is passion. Uncompromising passion is the focus of this band and undying will is the foundation. 

"Always seemingly unaware of the trends and avoiding the prosaic trappings of the times, Calous is a seasoned band of 10 years with tour experience and hundreds of shows under their belt. Calous is a band who appeals to hard rock, metal, and alternative rock fans world wide. Calous has put in the time, and are ready to take their brand of rock to the next level."
- from their Facebook page

"Midwest based and Jagermeisters’ own, Calous is a seasoned metal machine with 10 plus years of tour experience, and hundreds of shows under their belt. The Calous sound appeals to hard rock, metal, and alt rock fans worldwide. With catchy vocals and bruising rhythms, these guys are set for continual professional expansion."
- from their ReverbNation page

Harold Waits - Guitar
Ryan Thornton - Guitar
Norm Miller - Vocals
Joe Corigliano - Drums
Harlan Harpo Dunaway - Bass




Ep 20 - Song 7: "I'll Be Alright" by Cirrus Minor / Aaron Lea on Jimi

"I have known Jimmy since he was running sound at the original House of Bricks on Merle Hay. To those who didn't know him, he may have seemed at times like a foulmouthed, grumpy crumudgeon... but those of us lucky enough to know him know that is a facade... Jimmy has a heart of gold beneath that gruff exterior.

"He has always been someone that is there for his friends. Always someone you can talk to. Always one of the few people with enough guts and honesty to tell you his real thought on stuff, even if it wasn't what you wanted to hear.

"Jimmy has been a staple of the live music scene in Des Moines for at least 15 years. Every local musician knows him. And if someone dislikes Jimmy, it is more a reflection on that person than on Jim.

"All of us in Cirrus Minor have mad love and respect for the guy - he has been there through good times and bad and always stayed supportive. And so, now that he has fallen on tough times, we're there for him!"
- from Aaron Lea of Cirrus Minor for this podcast/blog

"Cirrus Minor is an eclectic musical artistic endeavor, producing a unique brand of alternative rock unbound by stylistic restrictions. From funky dancable jams to face-melting, intense progressive rock, their music twists through numerous genres, much like an iPod on shuffle. Dishing up unique takes on blues, funk, raggae, folk, disco and more is all a part of the founding philosophy of the band - a group of high caliber musicians from very different backgrounds enabling each other to have the freedom to fully artistically express themselves with no limits.

This highly creative and diversity-driven approach to songwriting has gotten Cirrus Minor invited to share bills with jammers (Widespread Panic, Umphrey’s McGee, Blues Traveler, etc…), experimental psychedelic acts (Primus, Zappa Plays Zappa, Fishbone, etc…), rockers (Snot, Green Jello, Hed(pe), etc...), rappers (Wiz Khalifa, De La Sol, etc…), and many other eclectic acts (Yonder Mountain String Band, Huey Lewis, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Bassnectar, STS9, Disco Biscuits, Slightly Stoopid, moe., Girl Talk, Bruce Hornsby, Spearhead and many more), while their energetic live shows help them win over every audience. Cirrus Minor has spent the past seven years touring festivals and venues in 9 states (including Wakarusa, Harvest Fest, Summer Camp, 80-35, dates with Primus and Wookiefoot, etc…)."
- from their Facebook page

Aaron Lea - Bass
Mike Ruby - Guitar
Joe Corbin - Drums
Rich Cantrell - Keyboard

Home page:



Ep 20 - Extra 3: Julia Mahlstadt on Jimi

Julia Mahlstadt is the lead singer and songwriter of Des Moines band, Madam Jules.

Jimi is a staple. A staple of the local music and restaurant community of Des Moines.

He may come off rude, well, he is rude, at first. Maybe blunt is a better term, but you get the point. After he's hazed you enough and you keep coming back, he will one day show his vagina tattoos on his back to you. I think that's the moment that you are his friend.

He opens his heart and anything he can do for you after that. He will give you his hoodie to smoke and I one time lost his hoodie and he will never let me live it down. Reminding me I owe him a hoodie! Anyway, he's bought a cab home for me when a super creep was trying to split a cab with me.

He'll tell you about all the red headed women in his life. Stories of the Navy. Recipes. He will play his air guitar and air bass, because there is a difference.

He is Jimi and there is no one like him. He has lived fearlessly. He uses that same fearlessness and hardworking attitude when it has came to fighting cancer. Jimi knows what to do when it needs to be done.

I love Jimi and he has taken this in stride. He's taken hits in life and knows how to fight and keep his ground. Jimi, you old man, you fucking asshole, I love you and can't wait to see what comes next!

Ep 20 - Extra 4: An interview with Jimi by Joe Lawler that I stole from Juice

See original article here -

Birthday bash

Published on May 13th, 2014 | by Joe Lawler
Jimi “Strychnine” Scribner is the kitchen manager at House of Bricks, 525 E. Grand Ave. Hold for Swank, The New Bodies, Wrestling with Wolves and others play the Jimi Strychnine Birthday show at 5 p.m. Saturday at House of Bricks.
Q: How long have you been working at House of Bricks?
Thirteen years. I started out on sound, but I was getting kind of burned out on that when they opened the kitchen. When I was in the military I got my chef degree and they asked me to run it. It worked out for both of us.
Q: Can you hear the music when you’re in the kitchen?
Yeah, I think I can probably hear better in the kitchen. There’s no outside noise or conversation; I’m just hearing the music. It’s pretty good. You can tell when a band is really on, and when they need to get back in the basement and practice more.
Q: What do you like to listen to?
I listen to a lot of oldies radio. When I close down at night, it’s Clutch. There’s something about Clutch that makes it go so much easier. Clutch or Motorhead.

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