Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ep 16 - Song 11: "Sundae Skool" by Boys

"How would you describe the sound of Boys?

"Uhhh…… I have no clue. I’ve heard people compare us to Letters to Cleo? I don’t know. I just really like Green Day.

"Does Boys have any super powers, if so, what are they?

"We all can poop a lot.

"What about an arch-nemsis, who is Boys’ arch-nemsis?

"Girls? What about Hitler– I mean, nobody likes that guy, right?"
- from elsalvador1990 on The Atomic Leg Drop Zine!

Megan Schroer - vocals, guitar
Maura Weaver - guitar
Rachel Feldmann - bass
Zachary Colina - drums



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