Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ep 7 - Song 6: "I Don't Have Anything" by Adrien Daller feat End the Wrld

"Raised in Iowa. Moved to England to study musical theater. Sang "God Save The Queen" to The Queen. Got deported. Returned to Iowa. Started writing music. Joined Trouble Lights and released "The Endless Prom." Solo EP soon to be released."
- from her Facebook page

"'I Don’t Have Anything' is another disco track (produced by Young, but also featuring Jordan Mayland and Cory Wendel) in the same vein as '5 to 9', but Adrien Daller (of Trouble Lights) gives it her own lyrical spin. For such a happy, bouncing track, it is actually kind of a sad story being told. The contrast of this Moroder-esque music with a tale of damaged love is a really neat, and surprisingly deep for such a sugary piece of business."
- from Iowaves Music Blog

Vocals - Adrien Daller
Production - End the Wrld
Drums - Jordan Mayland
Bass - Cory Wendel



Trouble Lights -

Home page:


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