Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ep 7 - Song 4: "Ganglion Sister" by Love Songs for Lonely Monsters

"Devotion. Isolation. Brute, anthemic tales. All of this encapsulated in the fervent dread of a fiend, shaken by passion.

"Des Moines, Iowa’s Love Songs For Lonely Monsters (LS4LM or Love Songs for short) have been wrapping deep, umbral guitars and zealous pulsating rhythms with the celestial vocals of the ever-enchanting Amy Badger since forming in late 2009. Upon inspection, it is possible for the listener to peel back the layers of Fugazi and Gang of Four-inspired post-punk aggression to find a heart within the madness; a soul purposefully melodic, maintaining a phenomenal pop sensibility."
- from their home page

Amy Badger - vocals, guitar
Brian Gellerman - drums
Chris Lachky - bass
Dan Hutchison- guitar
Nicklas Parks - guitar

Home page:



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