Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ep 48 - Song 1: "Wellington Victory, Symphony" (truncated) written by Ludwig van Beethoven and performed by Jason Weinberger and the wcf (Waterloo-Cedar Falls) symphony

"Conductor Jason Weinberger stands out among musicians of his generation for his passionate commitment to the entire life of his art form. Known for a wholly contemporary approach to programming, presentation, and performance, Jason is a tireless advocate for music among audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

"Jason is currently Artistic Director of Iowa’s pioneering ensemble wcfsymphony, having recently completed four years in a unique dual role combining his musical work with the responsibilities of CEO. Under his artistic leadership the orchestra has made major strides, performing a wide variety of new and recent American music by up-and-coming composers...
- from the wcf symphony website

"We are a passionate and energetic team of music lovers devoted to redefining the symphonic experience through live performances and community engagement. Day in and day out everything we do is in pursuit of this bold mission."
- from the wcf symphony home page

"Redefining the symphonic experience..."
- from their Twitter account

"wcfsymphony is a professional orchestra based in Waterloo-Cedar Falls, Iowa. Our mission is redefining the symphonic experience through live performances and community engagement. To this end we pursue inventive, contemporary approaches to ensemble performance as a means of engaging audiences more meaningfully in live music."
- from their Facebook page

Jason Weinberger - conductor

Due to time constraints, I had to cut some bits out of this song on the podcast. Here is a complete, unedited version:

Home page:



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