Friday, April 21, 2017

Ep 45 - Extra: "Tennessee Whiskey" and "Good Blues Tonight" by Blue Scratch

Due to legal and financial constraints I can't play covers. So I couldn't put this band on the podcast, but I'm including them here.

"We play Classic Rock and R&B that will get your feet moving with tasty bits of the Blues to bind your heart and stir your soul."
- from their Facebook page

"Matt began drumming at the age of 13 thinking in the back of his mind that somehow being a great drummer would help him get some attention from the ladies. After his first gig, he realized singers and guitarists were the ones getting all the attention. Too late, he was hooked on drums...

"Over the years, Jay has played a variety of musical styles in as many different bands, holding down the bottom for classic rock, hard rock, blues, country, jazz, and even some musical theater. This has lead him to an appreciation of and desire to play all types of music. Okay, well, maybe not polka…. He enjoys working with the hardware, modifying and repairing his own gear. It’s been rumored that this is actually because he gets high from the solder fumes but that cannot be verified. He is also easily distracted by bright shiny objects...

"For Jeorgia, music and in particular the blues, remains the universal language. Two beers and Clapton will allow you to talk with anyone, respectable or not. Jeorgia has recorded an album of faith based blues and classic rock CD known as Blues from the Back Pew. If you are nice, she might share a copy. Through her CD and the blues in general, Jeorgia has opened a musical view on her life as yet another square peg shoved into a damnable round hole...

"Kimberly was born and raised in Massachusetts and came from a very musical family. She started singing in church from a very young age and has always had a passion for music. To put it plainly, singing is a part of her soul."
- from their home page

Guitar: Jeorgia Robison
Vocals: Kat Blue
Bass: Jay Dean
Drums: Matt Johnson

Home page:




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