Friday, April 21, 2017

Ep 45 - Song 4: "A Man Who Loves You" by The Other Brothers

- from their BandCamp page

"The Other Brothers have a sound unlike anything out there. Blazing hot guitar and howling harmonica ride alongside booming drums and bottom heavy bass. Whiskey-laden vocals and solid original songs give the band an old-meets-new school show that has to be seen to believed. A revved up, country-fried Cream. A river rat Led Zeppelin. The thrill of the open road on two wheels, throttle wide open."
- from their Sonic Bids page

"The Other Brothers are a three-piece rockabilly blues outfit born and bred out of the heartland. The band is led by frontman Eli Clark on guitar, harmonica & vocals. The rock-solid rhythm section is provided by Lorenz Inez on bass and Jason Kadiwhompus whomping up the drums."
- from their Facebook page

"Clark has never been a patient person, a trait that shows on stage, giving Other Brothers shows a feeling of manic immediacy..."
- from a Chad Taylor review in Cityview

"Say hello to your new favorite band."
- from Chad Taylor in a Cityview review

Eli Clark - Frontman
Lorenz Inez - Bass
Jason Kadiwhompus - Drums



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