Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ep 38 - Song 3: "O Come O Come Emanuel" by Dagmar

"Dagmar is an indie classical, harmony driven band recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area from their prairie homeland of Iowa. A new music project with history, Gemma Cohen (vocals, bass) and Miranda Mallard (vocals, keyboard, guitar) are Dagmar's core. They have attained sister status after having sung together for over 8 years in the trio Rock Paper Scissors, and now as Dagmar since 2014.

"Gemma and Miranda create original music while rocking their curly manes and singing from the depths of their souls. Harmonies continue to be a staple for this duo along with influences ranging from Phillip Glass to the Fleet Foxes. Dagmar's sound is raw, challenging, a vulnerable vocal driven exposition of Medieval harmonies and uncrumpled diaries."
- from their Facebook page

"Dagmar is Gemma Cohen and Miranda Mallard. We have been singing for over 8 years together as 2/3 of the trio Rock Paper Scissors. We started with covers, anything with harmonies. Slowly we began to write our own music with a diverse and eclectic mix of styles and genres. Over the last five years when Rock Paper Scissors was long distance (spanning 9 time zones from CA to France), we began to hone our original sound.

"One year ago, Scissors became Ciseaux, said "Adieu" and now resides in France. RIP sweet RPS. You have been so good to us. We have grown so much.

"Thus the birth of Dagmar. Now a duo. Through it all we have found our voice. In the past year we have had some challenging personal experiences, and thanks to the power of art, we have turned intense moments into songs that hold great meaning and depth for us. These songs are raw and emotion driven, evidence of our own growth and newfound personal strength. They have been cathartic and transformational, and we hope they will be the same for our listeners. Harmonies continue to be a staple for us along with influences ranging from Philip Glass to the Fleet Foxes."
- from their Indiegogo page

"When Iowa musicians Gemma Cohen and Miranda Mallard were looking for the right name for their band, they were struck by the Scandinavian word dagmar. The old Norse word means 'lightness of day' and is the name of many woman of power throughout European history. The word matched the harsh and raw but positive quality of their music."
- from a Sarah Mirk article in Bitch Media

Gemma Rose - vocals
Miranda Lee - vocals
Taylor Ross - guitar

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