Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ep 37 - Song 1: "Uncle Satan" by Flannel Season

"These rockers are children of autumn and the grunge era. As a band, Flannel Season, cut it’s teeth on a slew of 90’s rock tunes ranging from Nirvana to Toadies to L7 and beyond. Recombining these elements with doomy aspects of modern stoner rock and just a general, all-around band handsomeness, Flannel Season has grown into one of the heavier and melodic rock bands of the Iowa City scene. Where there is a need for rock, heavy riffs, harmonies and beards, you will find these plaid-clad headbangers."
- from their Facebook page

"I hear rumors that the ’90s are “in” again... I fully support any and all forays into the depths of the music I first came alive to — the music of late night D&D, of rambunctious rides down the shore, of dirty clubs and dirty guitar riffs.

"Flannel Season has, somehow, managed to channel these halcyon days into fresh new material that sounds like it was ripped straight from a missing second disc of the soundtrack to Clerks...

"It’s clear that Flannel Season is not content to remain mired in nostalgia. They are taking what worked best about grunge, dusting it off and finding its relevance as more than just a memory."
- from a Little Village review by Genevieve Trainor

"The three-piece band Flannel Season comprised of Larson (drums/vocals), Claire (bass/vocals) and Joe (guitar/vocals) has an appropriate name. For anyone old enough to remember growing up in the ‘90s it was a time where flannel shirts were associated with all things grunge. Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell made the apparel somewhat hip. Like a lot of fashion it was already passé by the time it became pervasive and department stores like Kmart and H&M were trying to make a quick buck of the trend.

"I'm pretty sure that Flannel Season knew what they were doing when they decided to use that as their name. Their music would fit perfectly into ‘90s grunge era where bands like The Melvins, Mudhoney and The Screaming Trees had some minor successes due to the cultural explosion of Nirvana."
- from a No More Division review by Ted Rogen

Larson - Drums, Vocals
jOE fINN - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Claire Thoele - Bass, Vocals




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