Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ep 37 - Song 2: "Seance" by Rhonda is a Dead Bitch

"As if their ballsy moniker.. didn’t already have my attention, I dropped the needle on my virgin copy of “Laos” and proceeded to enjoy listening to Rhonda Is A Dead Bitch blast holes into the landscape of rock music in Des Moines with anti-hipster delight. What Rhonda Is A Dead Bitch admittedly lacks in musical mastery serves them well, because it allows them to play with refreshing gusto, honesty and creativity."
- from a Cityview review by Micheal Swanger

"Rhonda Is A Dead Bitch, formed out of the ashes of previous local failures such as Mayfair & Huxley and Teen Pussy, was originally conceived as a showcase for Luke the Amazing Drummer. Using a traditional combo lineup of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards, augmented with various noise generators and other electronics, they have accidentally fallen into a sound best described as psych-Krautrock-ambient."
- from a description in a Cityview Best of Des Moines piece

Luke, Jason, Lindsay, Tyler and Emery
exponential noin
zee repercussions
heaviehunded bas (relieve)




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