Thursday, December 17, 2015

Iowa Music Showcase theme (Christmas version) by Dylan Boyle

Dylan Boyle's existence manifests as a giant ball of negativity, covered by too much hair, slowly receding into the inevitable skullet.

Drawing inspiration from early blues, surrealist film and existential philosophy, Dylan is a solo blues artist, guitarist, writer and curator of what has been called "the worst Instagram account on the internet."

Dylan has released two solo full-length albums, "648 19th St." and "N.F.7.D.", and the full-length "Too Lonesome to Cry," with Peace, Love and Stuff.

Born and raised in Burlington, Iowa, Dylan stepped into music playing saxophone - which he was pretty terrible at - before starting to play guitar in middle school. Dylan played guitar in the Burlington High School Jazz Ensemble - which he was pretty terrible at - until moving to Ames, Iowa after graduation to pursue a degree and career in journalism - which he was pretty terrible at, but won a few student media awards for, which is more than he can say about his saxophone career.

After moving to Ames in the fall of 2007, Dylan formed Max Power and the Freeman Threemen with people on his dorm floor, which spawned the blues act The Most Handsome Duo in the World, with David Smit. MHD went on to win the 2010 Iowa Blues Challenge and perform in the 2011 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. During that time, David and Dylan joined the rockabilly-pop group Peace, Love and Stuff, which Dylan still plays guitar with. Shortly after graduating Iowa State University with a pretty unpromising journalism degree, Dylan joined Mumford's as its touring guitarist for two national tours alongside Fairfield's Utopia Park. Dylan returned to Ames and fronted the blues band Risky Revival, while recording Peace, Love and Stuff's first full-length album "Too Lonesome to Cry."

Risky Revival slowed down shows in 2013, and in 2014, Dylan and Adam Brimeyer formed Electric Jury, with the sole intent of stealing The Night Owls - Caleb Swank and Vedran Surlan - from Holly Figueroa, but not really because they still play with her too, but their exceptional abilities as a rhythm section were too powerful to contain in just one act. Although founded as a blues act, Electric Jury quickly redirected its sound to a progressive band, drawing on inspirations from Swans, Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Electric Jury is currently putting finishing touches on an EP, due out in fall of 2015, and a full-length album, expected for late 2015 or early 2016, with producer Phil Young.

In 2015, Dylan also joined Mumford's as their lead guitarist.

Over the last few years, Dylan has also worked as a sell sword backing songwriters like Dan Tedesco, Courtney Krause and Damon Dotson, as well as working as a studio musician.

After moving to Des Moines, Dylan began working with improviser Betsy Soukup to create improvised scores to silent films, curated by Blake Fisher, of the Center for Image and Spatial Politics. Inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dominic Rabalais and Chris Burden, Dylan developed an interest in video art and started making Instagrams - which he is pretty terrible at.
- from his Facebook page

Dylan Boyle - guitar
Stolen from sound effects records by Dan OlderMusicGeek - bells




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