Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ep 21 - Song 1: "Greensleeves" by Jonny Lipford

Jonny Lipford is an award-winning instrumentalist who specializes in music produced with the Native American style flute and various world flutes crafted using wood and bamboo. His movements and melodies on the wooden flutes are done with such grace and agility; one can’t help but be engaged in his music.

He started playing the wooden flute at age 13 and is widely known for adding a contemporary and invigorating flare to a music scene consisting of mostly traditional and relaxing music. His debut album, Transitions, created a trend for his artistry and his second release, Cross Roads, put him on the map as a musician to carefully watch. Since then, Lipford has released several more albums; each gaining popularity amongst the public and music industry professionals. He's a well-decorated artist for being one of the youngest in his industry - truly a versatile flutist and can adapt to any genre of music with an ease that’s unique. However, he is also a musician that knows his heart and artistry to which his artistry remains true.

Lipford is currently working on new music, touring the United States and Canada, teaching the art of playing the Native American style flute to students of all levels and continuing to build his fan base across the globe.

The future for Jonny Lipford, his music and his fans looks very promising. Lipford is a very hard-working individual whose passion lights the way for future projects, fan engagement, touring and producing music. Keep your eyes on this multi-talented artist; great things are happening.
- - from his home page

Jonny Lipford - flutes, keyboards, synthesizers

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