Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ep 22 - Song 6: "Winter Blues" by Jinnouchi Power

This isn't really a holiday song, but it is about winter, sorta. And somebody - I forgot to write their name down, being the professional that I am - but somebody requested it. so here it is!

Jinnouchi Power is the brainchild of Patrick MacCready, and a musical interpretation of his soul. The spectrum of sound travels from Folk and Blues to Rock and Psychedelic.

This whole thing started in High School, during the summer of my Freshman year. The world was in turmoil as Hell had risen upward and consumed most of the of the town I called home. My dear friend Gage Fisk had decided to quit playing in metal bands and began to experiment with acoustic guitars. It was then, as I was watching him play simple chord progressions that I decided it was time for me to learn simple chord progressions, and before I knew it I was practicing almost 5 hours a day, the other 19 hours spent chivalrously saving damsels from demon sacrifices and ritualistic murders. Several Memorial Building shows later, we had a few good jams under our belt and destroyed the music underworld as the dynamic folk duo We're Just Humans. Soon afterwards, at the height of our screaming success, we both fell in love with the same woman. In a world controlled by chaos we were so used to, we had finally found something strong enough to tear us apart. It was then, when I sat down on the worn out couch in the living room next to Gage, and told him that I had kissed his girl, that the entire fabric of reality split.

It was then that we fought to the death.

After flying through parallel universes much different than our own, beating each other with all the power and knowledge that we had so carefully gained up to that point, we had finally reached the end. In a universe that I still to this day can not quite describe, filled only with hatred and a feeling in your gut like all your dreams had been stolen from you, and surrounded by the screams of 1000 helpless cries, Gage Fisk had his sword aimed at my throat. This was certainly the end. I could not bear to think that this had all been the result of my lust, and the pain of losing my best friend in the process was to much to even conceive.

It was then I let out what I thought to be my final words. I said, "Gage, I know what I have done, and I know how much I hurt you, but I did it out of love, not jealousy or hatred, but love. I know this will not right the wrongs that I did but know this, I am sorry, and it is truly you that I love. Thank you." A long pause came over him after this, followed only by, "I forgive you. But you can't be in the band anymore." The power of his forgiveness was enough not only to bring us back to Earth, but also close the portal behind us, also, trapping within the Hellfires that had ravaged our small Iowa town that previous year.

Peace had finally come back to Pella, Iowa.

After that, everything was good again, and best friends remained best friends through thick and thin crust. I was on my own, so after meeting a great man who appeared to me as a "saint," and changed my life for the better, I dubbed the name of my solo music project "St. George."

Gage still lives in Pella, and still makes music under the title We're Just Humans. The whole story is true. Look it up.
- from their Facebook page

Carolyn Thorn - Backup Vocals, Thundertube, Designated Papers-haver
Sean Bremhorst - Lead Guitar, Noodles, Harmonica
Reed Iverson - Drums, Positive Vibes, Regular Vibes, Vibes
Forest Cochran - Bass Guitar, Childlike Karate Noises, Beard
Patrick MacCready - Never Knowing What's Going On, Rhythm Baby Making
Cameron Van Berkum of Noremac McCarth - Drums




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