Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ep 13 - Song 4: "Ocean Blue Live" by Red Comet

"Red Comet is a folk-inspired alternative band from Iowa City, Iowa. The group began in early 2015 when Reid Turner approached Allison Orvis and Mike Nelson to sing vocals in the group. They soon formed a group with four talented vocalists, a few jazz-trained instrumentalists, and extremely stellar songwriting.

"Our goal is to convey stories through the guise of music. Each song acts as a unique perspective, describing the different challenges, ambitions, heartbreaks, and successes that we might face in life. Every person has a particular way of experiencing the world around them, and each experience is as significant as the last. Therein is the beauty of the arts; they act as a way to process and share these experiences. They serve to help evolve our understanding while enjoying our existence, and almost nothing in this world achieves this in the same way that music is able to.

"We are glad to have you listening."
- from their Facebook page

Allison Orvis: Vocals
Mike Nelson: Vocals
Reid Turner: Piano, Melodica, PVC Pipe Marimba, Songwriter
Dan DiMonte: Vocals, Guitar,Trumpet
Jared Poland: Vocals, Bass Guitar
Emily Roane: Drums/Percussion
Noah Andrys: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Dulcimer




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