Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ep 9 - Song 6: "Left Behind" by Max Wellman

"This young showman from Des Moines doesn’t balk at you calling him an “old soul.” And, he didn’t become the polished performer he is overnight. In fact, it’s the Renaissance Man aspect of Wellman – elbow grease and a thirst for knowledge in spades – that makes him a sound and sight to behold. He’s a vocalist. An arranger. A writer. An entrepreneur. His musicianship is a vehicle for the entire package.

"Wellman certainly has bookmarked the traditional section of the American Songbook. There’s no question the golden voices of years past – accompanied by the tickling of piano keys and plucks of an upright bass – dance in his head as he performs. But when you’re an innovator who lives and breathes the accomplishments of past greats, you don’t need to be confined to their pages.

"No, artists such as Wellman are sure of themselves and confident in what they have to offer the world. They constantly move forward. He knew from the age of 16 that he needed to use his musical gifts to push the envelope. Wellman went on to use his studies of the history of voice and opera at Butler University to further permeate his forward march into his own art form."
- from his home page

Vocals - Max Wellman
Piano - Gary Walters
Bass - Steve Charlson
Guitar - Austin Brown
Drums - George McCutchen

Trumpets -
Dave Rezek
Chris Van Leeuwen
Andrew Poppen

Trombones -
Paul Bridson
Chris Walck
Chad Thoreson

Saxophones -
Robert Espe
Dr. Damani Phillips
Dr. Jim Romain

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