Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ep 46 - Song 4: "Dagobah-bah-bah-bah" by The Han Solo Project

"The Han Solo Project was created by Tom Hummer and Mike Bal of Thoughts of Crossing. Their music covers a variety of rock styles and centers around the Star Wars universe."
- from their Locusic page

"This week, my long-time friend/drummer/collaborator/partner-in-crime Mike Bal and I released a new album as The Han Solo Project, titled The Force Hits Snooze. All the songs are about Star Wars."
- from Tom Hummer's home page

"Just another guy with a guitar... drums, bass, saxophone, piano, odd samples, and scary noises...

"One day Tom Hummer decided to make some music."
- from Tom Hummer's Facebook page

"Tom Hummer is a musician from Ames, Iowa...

"Tom has played bass for the rock band Thoughts of Crossing since their formation in 2003. He is also a founding member of the music review website Velocities In Music."
- from Tom Hummer's home page

Tom Hummer - vocals, instruments
Mike Bal - drums

Artwork by Mike Bal

Tom Hummer's home page:

Tom Hummer's Facebook page:

Thoughts of Crossing's Facebook page:

Thoughts of Crossing's ReverbNation page:

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