Monday, April 18, 2016

Ep 28 - Song 2: "Sirens" by The Weepies

"Singer-songwriters Deb Talan & Steve Tannen began writing together the night they met, and soon formed indie band The Weepies. On the strength of their simple yet insightful songwriting and distinctive harmonies, they quietly sold more than a million records, with over 17 million streams on Spotify, and 20 million views on YouTube. They married and had three children, rarely touring but continuing to release music, with five records over seven years."
- from their home page

"In 2001, Talan and Tannen were individually active as singer-songwriters but mutual fans of each other's music; Tannen played Talan's album 'constantly', even singing along in harmony, while Talan in turn was captivated by and had 'formed a kind of a relationship' with Tannen's music. After eventually meeting at one of Tannen's shows at Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts, they quickly discovered a deep musical bond and began playing music together. According to Talan, the band's name

"...came about from a few different sources, but one was, you know, those sort of old movies that were called weepies, where you could basically be guaranteed that if you needed a good cry, you could go and see one of these and bring your hanky and have a good time. And we want to be able to provide that for people. We want to make music that touches them and moves them in that way, the place where tears come from, for joy and for sorrow."
- from their Wikipedia entry

"But where is The Weepies' true home? Iowa City, where Talan and Tannen live and home-school their three sons. Next month the band will release its first album in five years, 'Sirens,' and is getting ready to embark on its first major tour in years.

"'We had been on the road since about 2003 and we had a list in our heads of our favorite cities, (and) this was one,' Tannen said from The Weepies' family home overlooking the Iowa River. 'When Deb got pregnant for the third time, we thought we might want to put everyone somewhere. We had always joked "We should buy a house in Iowa City." Then it became less of a joke.'...

"They were looking for a city that spoke to them, that was walkable and one that had a quality medical facility within a half-hour. The last one was important; in 2013, Talan was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer (she's been in remission for almost a year).

"'We wanted somewhere we could put down roots, not another vagabond stop,' Tannen said."
-from The Des Moines Register article, "Vagabond band The Weepies finds home in Iowa"

Dab Talen - vocals, guitar
Steve Tannen - vocals, guitar
Steve Nieve - piano
Oliver Kraus - cello
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