Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ep 6 - Song 6: "Brothers in Arms" by The Vandon Arms

"In a damp, cold basement just off of Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa, The Vandon Arms started off as a group of friends playing the music they loved for no one but themselves. There were no fans, no Myspace or Facebook pages, nothing for sale, and no disillusions of being rich and famous. The early get-togethers resembled drunkin sing-alongs more than any band rehearsal. The group and their friends would belt out old Irish choruses at the top of their lungs for hours...

"...Buz, Clint, Hutch, Craig, and Moosher still carry on the same attitude that came with those early basement sing-alongs. Their music and live shows are simply about having fun, not making money, being cool, not being cool, or anything else that too many other bands get caught up in. This has always been and always will be the band's philosophy..."
- from their Facebook page

Sad to say, Des Moines lost its very own Celtic punk band! Life took over and spread them across a few states. But I still recommend getting and downloading their music if you're into Celtic punk.

Buz, Clint, Hutch, Moosher, Craig, and Clayton




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