Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ep 26 - Song 8: "Johnny Bravo" by Peace, Love, and Stuff

My time in the band was incredible. So many great experiences that you only get by performing on stage with a group of talented people who know how to have fun and be exceptional. I was very fortunate to play with one of my best friends (Lavonne) and meet Dylan who without a doubt one of the best if not the best guitar player around. These two made getting into the band and playing and making music exciting and fun.

I was always happy to be on stage and develop as a musician with them. I was also always thrilled just to spend time with the group and hang out.
- from Kevin Muehlenthaler, former trumpeter of the band, for this podcast/blog

josephdavidsoukup - drums
Dylan Boyle - guitar
Lavonne McRoberts - vocals
David "Smitty" Smit - bass
Kevin Muehlenthaler - trumpet

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