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Ep 43 - Song 1: "Tsunami" by Permasmile

"PermaSmile began as an idea. A way to describe the turmoil and angst of todays drugged up, do nothing, society of youth and the young at heart. Glued to the television, wasting away, looking towards a brighter tomorrow in the glow of a nuclear revolution. A new world order- An end to the chaos of the Piscean ideals and ushering in a new age.Not for a 1 world system but of the mind and consciousness. Embracing the anarchy & change smothered by our fathers after their failed coup at the end of the 2oth century. New ideas and ideals brought upon by the glow of our Atari, nintendos and playstations. By the morphing of a primal 3-chord leap into the airwaves!

"And now PermaSmile has arrived,fresh from the throws of birth and its ridgid contractions. Surely anyone alive, growing, and embracing 'the new' today will testify to the excitement and energy of customs being shaped and formed before their eyes.

"Its true that our art & music reflects the times. Each decade mocking and destroying the lasts. Building up, out of the flames, a harder and more shocking reality than the last. Meanwhile, secretly embracing the acoustic sounds of love and peace somewhere beneath the bomb ladeled screams of Death Metal and Slipknot. Where does it end? Well, where did it begin?

"Like everything else it began as an idea! \m/ \m/"
- from their ReverbNation page

"PermaSmile is the result of new and old friends coming together for the common goal of creating fresh-original music... (We) are proud and confident that PermaSmile is evolving into the 21st Century and believe you will be too. Thanks for checkin' us out!"
- from their Facebook page

"Utilizing a stripped-down garage sound, the band dabbles in psychedelic rock...

A RIBCO Battle of the Bands appearance last year helped launch Permasmile onto the Quad-City music scene.

Lead guitarist Chad Ramsey, 40, of East Moline, began playing with bassist John Neihaus. The duo put an ad on the Internet and found Shane Quade (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), who recently moved to the Quad-Cities. John Chapman (drums) played in previous bands with Ramsey, and Heat (keys and backing vocals) and Neihaus were friends.

“'It’s like older friends and newer friends meeting up to play some good music,' Ramsey said.

“'It worked out good. We didn’t have to go through a bunch of different people to try different musicians at once. We just knew some people, and everybody is in the right place at the right time.'”
- from a Tripp J Crouse article in The Quad Cities Times

Shayne Quade - Vocals/Guitar
Chad Ramsey - Guitar
John Chapman - Drums/Vocals
HEAT - Vocals, Keyboard
Bleu Quillen- Bass




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Ep 43 - Song 2: "The Witching Hour" by Ancient Elm

"Ancient Elm is a 3 piece Metal band from Sac City, Iowa"
- from their Facebook biography

"We write music that excites us and we would love to share it with you! Come out to a show and enjoy some music with us!"
- from their Facebook page

Dave - Guitars
Eric Geerdes - Bass, Vocals
Taylor Thompson - Drums




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Ep 43 - Song 3: "Better Day" by HipKnosis

"Featuring the acutely personal but smooth, distinctive lead vocals of songstress Heather Kelly, HipKnosis is a versatile recording act, powered by the accomplished songwriting of pianist and violinist Kelly, bassist Kirk Kaufman and multi-keyboardist Dave Hearn. Melvin James fills the guitar slot with inventive use of electric and acoustic guitars, and Jon Passow provides a solid foundation for the band on drums and percussion...

"HipKnosis started life as H&K, a “medieval pop” duo in 2006, featuring Kaufman on bass guitar, kick drum and vocals, with Kelly on vocals, piano, violin, percussion and cymbals. They were sometimes joined by guitarist Eric Hovey, and later by Melvin James. Hearn began writing songs for the act in 2010, and joined HipKnosis in the studio by the next year. Jon Passow completed the band in 2012."
- from their home page

"Let me get it out of the way now — this is one of the best pop albums I’ve heard all year. The first and most obvious driving force behind the band is vocalist Heather Kelly and that arresting, enchanting voice. But there’s also the work of bassist Kirk Kaufman. He not only anchors the rhythm section throughout the album, but Kaufman’s also the owner and engineer of Junior’s Motel, an outfit that has played host to everyone from Slipknot to Brian Wilson. These two combine their efforts with Melvin James and Dave Hearn to create an album that’s catchy and extremely listenable. “Darkest Dreams” has a throwback feel throughout that alludes to everything from Roxette-style ’80s pop to Jefferson Airplane psychedelia. Top-notch guitar work, tight songwriting and impeccable production, combined with Kelly’s attention-demanding vocals come together to create an album that is unabashedly pop, but pop of the very best variety."
- from a Chad Taylor review in Cityview

Heather Kelly - vocals, piano, violin
Dave Hearn - keyboards
Kirk Kaufman - bass
Melvin James - guitars
Jon Passow - drums




Ep 43 - Song 4: "Promises" by Logan & Bachman

"Logan & Bachman, a brand new project with a friend of mine who has been on many past songs with me. He can actually sing and play guitar. Very talented guy. I rapped the hooks. More songs in the works... This goes out to all the pretty girls I've made cry, I'm sorry, so sorry."
- from the Slowhead Productions Facebook page

Bradley Logan
Ryan Bachman

Slowhead Productions on Facebook:

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Ep 43 - Song 5: "Happy" by Far from Innocent

"Rock ‘n’ Roll is dead…? Not if Far From Innocent have a say in it!

"Born out of the wastelands of Northern Iowa, FFI have paved a path of hellfire for the last 3 years. This 4-piece gritty rock band is determined to breathe new life into the sonic textures of rock music. Their mixture of dynamic power guitars, sleek and smooth basslines, in-your-face drums and unfiltered lyrics, topped with multifaceted and powerful vocals, creates original and unique soundscapes that are sure to grab your attention and get you moving.

"Far From Innocent, as their name suggests, have been around the block a few times. They have spent many years honing their skills and mastering their craft, which shows in their ability to crank out undeniably addictive and relatable tunes...

"Their mission? To inspire!…to keep rock alive!…and to keep on rollin'!"
- from their Facebook page

Craig Harkema: bass
HeaterMac Harkema: vocals/guitar
Lance Larsen: drums
Mike Pigman: lead guitar

Photo by Katie Ellingson



Ep 43 - Extra: Video of "Trigger Shy" by September

Trinity wanted to include this song, but I couldn't get permission to put it on the podcast, so I include the video here.

UPDATE 3-11-17:
I screwed up. September did give me permission, but I had forgotten.

"SEPTEMBER is the ongoing story of five individuals (Lucas Brighton, Thomas J Brighton, Kyle Christensen, Aaron Jergens and Steve Pundzak) and their journey for retribution, rejuvenation, and reinvention.

"Musically speaking, the result is something technically proficient, yet directly to the point. Many of their songs consistently scream out a message not of despair, but of standing up for yourself and refusing to simply allow yourself to be victimized.

"These five musicians are constantly challenging each other, and themselves, in effort to improve their craft."
- from their ReverbNation page

Lucas - Vocals
Thomas J - Guitar & Vocals
Kyle - Guitars & Programming
Aaron Jergens - Drums




Ep 43 - Song 6: "Aquajaunt" by Obsidian's Dream

"Crawling from the cornfields near Ames, IA, Obsidian's Dream was born at a Halloween party in the Iowa countryside."
- from their SonicBids website

"Basementology Experiment in progress."
- from their SoundCloud page

“'We came upon the name when a fortune teller at a music festival said Fook would be knocked unconscious by a large chunk of obsidian while on one of his rock climbing adventures. She insisted that when he woke up, he should try to remember the dream he had because some sort of revelation would be contained within. This hasn't occurred yet, but it seemed like a good name,' Erickson said, when asked how the band acquired its unique name.

'"he band's musical inspiration comes from sounds like the Grateful Dead, Blind Melon, bluegrass, electronic, '70s rock and many more. The band's music could be enjoyed by listeners at any time, from relaxing at home to going out with friends because of its unique and diverse sound.

“'We don’t really fit in any genre except maybe loosely as a "rock band",’ Erickson said.
- from a Sierra Pruiett article in Iowa State Daily

Bertrude Stein - Bass, vocals
Chris "Shaggy" Zeitler - Guitar, trumpeter, lead vocalist
Dean "Dean" Erickson - Keyboards
Fook - Guitar, vocals
Todd "TC" Cumming - Drums



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Ep 43 - Song 7: "Do It Again (Poured It Out)" by Slowhead

"Better than your average small town dickhead"
- from their Facebook page

"All tractor, no trailer."
-from Taylor Thompson on Facebook

"95% more mentions of hammer violence than all other white rap combined!"
- from Curtis Bloes on Facebook

"A drop of talent in the empty pot called Sac City. If you don't like it, it's just because you're one of the fucks that cannot comprehend something outside of the bubble that is Sac City."
- from Tim Campbell on Facebook

"Slowhead. Is. The. Shit."
- from Brent Erritt on Voice Mail

Buyin Rock, Man - vocals
CeeCee - vocals
NOYZWAV - music




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