Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ep 36 - Song 4: "Under Porches, Beds & Stairs" by Oh Possum

"Oh Possum formed in mid-2005 from the various musical projects of it's individual members. Adam Haug and Will Bliss had taken a hiatus from their two-piece singer/songwriter band a.lonely.rope, and started having improv, instrumental sessions with Will on drums and Adam playing guitar. At the same time, Adam had another musical project with then roommate, Nick Lambert, based on MIDI sequenced electronic music and Nick on turntables. Jake Nelson is a musician and video artist from the area who had been a long-time friend of everyone involved, and Micah Sturdevant joined the group in the spring of 2006, bringing a mastery of effects processing and a creative approach to building sounds.

"After a few haphazard experiments, the entire project took on a life of it's own. The band now includes an audio/visual live show and multi-instrumental music bringing an ever-growing array of musical approaches and sounds, incorporating electronic music, moog styth, guitar, drums, various percussion, xylophone, turtablism, lap steel guitar and bizarre circuit bent effects.

"The result of the various influences and backgrounds of the individuals involved is a juxtaposition of melodius low points to grating and heavy highs, with a union of hip hop and drum & bass influenced electronic beats and varied instrumentation. Live shows include art-video projections that sync to the music, and epic crescendos of sound, creating a sensory mosaic of music and imagery."
- from the Oh Possum page on the Underground Archives website

Adam Haug - Guitar, Programming
Jake Nelson - Moog, Percussion, sonar axe
Nick Lambert - Turntables, Xylo, drum machine
Will Bliss - Drums
Micah Sturdevant - lapsteel, tricked out Casiotone, Fog, Experiments
Becca Smith - Violin

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